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Oh dear feeling a bit wobbly

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Domjolly · 09/02/2013 19:58

Hi ladies, its been an age since i was on here last been very busy

Next week i start prep group then the week afte my home study starts eeekk

What i wanted to know is weather or not my sw will think i am already a bit of a twat she sent us a questionnaire out to fill in before she comes i have filled in as much as i can but tbh i really stuggle with stuff like this on the other hand oh one is like some kind of novel Envy

This has been a long road to even get this far and i dont want to be the one who drops the ball Wink

(also can any one fill me in on what the FAMILY PROMISE IS )

OP posts:
Nigglenaggle · 09/02/2013 20:18

I am sure that she would rather you asked if there is something you don't understand, rather than write something that wasnt right or didnt make sense, and that she will be pleased you are keen to get it right. Also, you are being judged on your ability to parent, not form fill :) Hope it goes well for you

Domjolly · 09/02/2013 20:35

Thanks i just felt like a bit of a wally oh is right now diligently filling it out like some professor

But i just guess it strengths and weakness i know he will struggle at the prep group he hates large groups and finds speaking in public unnerving

OP posts:
Italiangreyhound · 10/02/2013 00:12

Domjolly hi, sorry to hear you are finding it difficult. We got our forms as electronic copies so we would type straight into a word document. I found it easier to write a bit, or a lot and then come back to it later and see if I liked it or to if I could say more, or less, or say it better!

My DH and I are the opposite of you and your oh in terms of how much we write! I wrote loads and dh was much more succinct. I think it is fine to write more or less, it is just getting the point across.

Try not to worry about the prep group, ours was lovely and supportive. It was not so much like speaking in public, more like sharing in a small group and by the end of the short course I felt very at home with the other people.

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