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Presents for the big day

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chocaholic2011 · 22/08/2012 10:52

have left it a bit late lol but going to visit the baby we previously fostered for a year in her new home tomorrow ( our first) It turns out it is the day they get the official stamp on the adoption :))) did you get any pressies you thought were a great idea, obv could do the congrats card and flowers but just wondered if you had any other ideas!!

Also how do you think mum will be? I think she thinks she will be ok but I'm wondering if it will be very emotional ??
Thanks xx

OP posts:
Kewcumber · 22/08/2012 18:03

I wasn't emotional in the strictest sense of the word. I little choked at the end of the hearing - particularly when DS shouted "THANK YOU!" to the judge when she pronounced the adoption final. Flowers and card seem quite appropriate to me - I didn;t get any presents for our adoption being finalised and didn;t really expect any - we'd already got them when DS came home.

Lovesoftplay · 30/08/2012 16:54

Agree with Kew, I was much more emotional on the day that we first got them. Flowers seems a lovely thought, I am sure she will be touched that you have thought.

Pancakeflipper · 30/08/2012 17:00

A friend of ours recently brought her adopted baby home. We did pressies. I gifted a book that it's a fav in our home. Others gave clothes, toys and things that as a parent they think are brill and essential.

Our friend has appeared to be delighted and whooped in the appropriate places. We just wanted her to know that we are excited too, cos its been a long long journey.

Lovesoftplay · 30/08/2012 17:05

Yeh, we got presents on the day we brought them home. I think the OP is meaning that the adoption has now gone through the courts and is finalised?

Pancakeflipper · 30/08/2012 17:28

There was only a week between the panel decision and the first time. baby came to stay for their first night. We did go out the night after panel decision day for a meal to celebrate and did flowers and wine for the parents-to-be. Deffo worth a celebration.

Kewcumber · 30/08/2012 17:31

finalisation of the adoption by court isn't the same as panel decision and generally happens much later after the child has been living with you for some time. In my case DS was only officially adopted 2.5 years after being placed!

Pancakeflipper · 30/08/2012 17:33

Apologies..... Will be buying more flowers soon then

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