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Single person v couple adoption procedure.

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bluegnueboo · 23/06/2012 19:24

Does anyone know of differing requirements, if any?
Have to be vague here but if a single person adopts a baby less than a year old is it a requirement that they have a support person in the house for the first couple of weeks, or just "support" around if needed.
I'm just wondering what would happen if say one of a couple couldn't take leave for the first couple of weeks and whether that would be a deal breaker.

Sorry for being so wishy washy about details.

OP posts:
funnychic · 23/06/2012 19:51

No requirement at all in my L.A for a single carer to have any support in the home. Not sure what they would think about one half of a couple not being available for the first few weeks. I dont think you can really compare a single versus a couple, the dynamics will be so different for each senario. My advice is speak to your sw to find out what your LA expects.
Good luck

HappySunflower · 23/06/2012 20:16

The reason that both parents are encouraged to take time off is to support the development of positive attachment.

Support is an entirely separate issue; both single and couple adopters need to have a strong support network around and available to them.

Kewcumber · 23/06/2012 21:47

legally there is no difference.

The primary carer (or a combination of two carers if its to be split equally) will be expected to stay home with the child as long as is necessary.

All adopters will as Happy says be expected to show an adequate support network.

I'm a bit confused - are you trying to decide whether to adopt as a single or a couple? Are you planning to throw your DP out and adopt as a single if its easier? Confused It isn't by the way for soooo many reasons.

FamiliesShareGerms · 23/06/2012 22:16

Are you wondering if it matters if one of you can't be around much in the early stages of introductions etc?

bluegnueboo · 23/06/2012 22:26

Grin No Kew I'm keeping him, for the time being anyway.

There just may be an issue with the timing of the leave with one of us because of being self employed and worried it could be a deal breaker. I'm just gathering info for the next discussion with our s/w.

For the record, it's not that work is more important, it's about keeping a liveable salary and a reliable reputation in a freelance workplace.

Again sorry for vagueness.

OP posts:
Bex66 · 06/07/2012 18:19

I would be very surprised if this were a deal breaker - as long as you can show them you will have someone else you could call on during the day - a relative, close friend? - I wouldn't worry too much about it . They are most concerned that at least one parent is able to spend enough time to bond. The child is unlikely to bond with both parents to the same extent anyway - in our case it was my OH for the first 5 days and then thereafter only me and my poor OH was left very much on the sidelines for about a year - they can be pretty choosy!

KristinaM · 16/07/2012 21:11

Hows it going blue? Did you discuss it with your SW?

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