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What's happening to Manchester

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microbius · 14/03/2023 20:57

I hope to get some attention from colleagues working at the Uni of Manchester. I am a humanities professor at a uni in the south east and have a son keen to study mechanical engineering at Manchester. Now, Manchester upped their grades requirements from AAB (last year) to A star, A star, A (this year). School tells me it became so popular and the course is now very huge. I know full well what it usually means for staff - burnout (resources are usually trailing behind demand, etc). I worry if DS goes to Manchester he'll have very bad time, perhaps fail (?)

DS really likes Manchester as a city. He is likely to get something in the region of AAA-ABB and is prepared to go to Manchester integrated foundation first. Is it a really silly thing to do if he can go straight at degree level elsewhere, and most importantly, is it worth it? I am very very apprehensive about the huge rise in student numbers; we obviously all heard about Manchester VC and Manchester problems with student accommodation etc. Being an academic in arts and humanities doesn't help me in any way. Any insight is very much appreciated!

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