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Can anyone talk with me about doing Impact - and emotional costs?

resistingreality · 31/08/2022 10:58

Hi all. This may be a bit niche but I am an academic who does quite a bit of 'impact.' I'm in social sciences and on various committees and bodies aimed ostensibly at addressing the particular problem I research. Often these have a political slant - and I am the trouble maker if you like (or at least I feel that I am seen by others as such). So others will be looking at this from one perspective, let's say 'mainstream', whereas I see my role (in part) to point out the difficulties in their approach, guide them towards the evidence, and take a more critical perspective. I find it REALLY difficult. I don't feel like I really know what I am doing, whether I am doing the right thing, whether I should just shut-up, and whether I am completely missing the point. I very much do this alone - there is no institutional support. This is all a bit vague as otherwise potentially a bit outing. But does anybody here do a similar sort of impact? Do you also feel a bit lost? I'd love to talk!

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