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Job change?

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Ree121303 · 20/03/2019 21:40


I qualified as a solicitor nearly 4 years ago and of late, have started to feel very unhappy in my line of work and wishing I had pursued something else.

There are a few reasons behind this, namely 1) constant lack of support from those who are more experienced and who are supposed to act as supervisors but don't have the time or inclination to supervise/coach 2) pressure from bosses to bill lots and reach unachievable targets every month 3) feeling out of my depth too often as a consequence of point 1, 4) my priorities changing after having my baby (now a toddler) and 5) wanting to work in a less stressful/pressured job.

I feel I have fallen out of love with the job and just don't have the enthusiasm for it now which is unfortunate but I guess it is what it is! I feel miserable heading in to work and take little enjoyment in it now, sadly.

I would like to start looking for something else but I'm feeling uninspired and am unsure what to pursue. I would like to either continue in an office based role (but which role is the question and I would like something that paid fairly well) or to do something more creative. Any suggestions please?

Many thanks.


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parietal · 22/03/2019 21:45

i think you are in the wrong section. this is just academics (university people). maybe repost elsewhere?

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