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fearne cotton

48 replies

southeastastra · 29/06/2010 20:13

looks like su pollard in this pic bitchy bitchy

bet she doesn't like iron maiden either

OP posts:
bibbitybobbityhat · 04/07/2010 21:08

I honestly have NO IDEA who she is.
I have heard her name (only on Mumsnet ) but her existance has entirely passed me by.

southeastastra · 04/07/2010 21:10

she started out doing that art show didn't she?

the iron maiden t shirt really wound me up more than anything , have memories of a bloke in my class who was mad on iron maiden

OP posts:
donnie · 05/07/2010 11:58

I saw her and the other one, Holly something, on a 'comedy quiz' show once; the presenter made totally offensive comments an djokes about her 'tits' (his word) and all she did was giggle vapidly.

Now that's uber thick. And that makes her NOT a role model for girls.

UnquietDad · 05/07/2010 14:14

HB- they are two-fifths of Girls Aloud. Who are a popular singing group. You know, a bit like the Andrews Sisters only younger

AnyFucker · 05/07/2010 14:17

has FC ever got her tits out for PlayBoy (or Nuts or who-fuckin'-ever) ?

I don't rememeber her ever using her body to get ahead (hellooo...Kelly Brook et al) so I say fair play to her...

shocking dress sense at times, I concur

HerBeatitude · 05/07/2010 14:46

Ah now I have heard of Girls Aloud. That's the one with Cheryl Cole in, isn't it?
[Trendy Vicar emotion]

HerBeatitude · 05/07/2010 14:46

LIke it or not she is a role model.

I did say the bar was set low...

donnie · 05/07/2010 15:32

yes.....around basement level I'd say!

UnquietDad · 05/07/2010 16:04

HB - yes, or Cheryl Tweedy as we call her again now that she has ditched the tosser

AnyFucker · 05/07/2010 16:11

ah yes...Cheryl Tweedy, the big-haired Geordie batterer

TM scottishmummy

UnquietDad · 06/07/2010 00:40

She could batter me any time.

(I've been to the pub. Ignore me.)

TechLovingDad · 06/07/2010 01:02

I quite like her, wouldn't dare admit that to DW as she doesn' tlike her at all.

She can be a little annoying, but so can I .

I think she looks pretty good in those pics, not afraid to be a little different.

And as for Iron Maiden, well...

TechLovingDad · 06/07/2010 01:03

That was about Fearne.

Actually it's the same for all of them

AnyFucker · 06/07/2010 08:25 seen the news this morning about your beloved Geordie batterer ?

donnie · 06/07/2010 08:49

why, what has happened to the happy slapping toilet attendant basher?

UnquietDad · 06/07/2010 11:22

Malaria is pretty severe as a publicity-grabber! Hope she gets better soon.

AnyFucker · 06/07/2010 12:12

aww, so touching

UnquietDad · 06/07/2010 20:40

Shall I go and put some flowers outside the hospital? She is truly the People's Pop Star.

AnyFucker · 06/07/2010 20:55

Hey, what a coincidence

It seems that luvverly young boxer from Bolton, Amir Khan, has also "collapsed" with suspected malaria too !

Curioser, and curioser !

HerBeatitude · 06/07/2010 22:15

She is actually the new Princess Diana isn't she?

The media must be so relieved to have replaced her.

UnquietDad · 06/07/2010 22:17

Ironic that she was assaulted by an annoying, whiny creature with a small brain and a tiny prick, with the ability to get under your skin and make you feel queasy. You'd think 3 years of being married to Ashley would have prepared her for this.

AnyFucker · 06/07/2010 22:21

but what about the boxer !

chimchar · 07/07/2010 11:17

i like fearne cotton.

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