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fearne cotton

48 replies

southeastastra · 29/06/2010 20:13

looks like su pollard in this pic bitchy bitchy

bet she doesn't like iron maiden either

OP posts:
midnightexpress · 29/06/2010 20:13

Oh she's world's most annoying sleb. Bitch away.

midnightexpress · 29/06/2010 20:15

i think she's aiming for Heather Graham in Boogie Nights. I'm surprised she's not on roller skates.

squeaver · 29/06/2010 20:17

Oh she gets on my nerves. Talentless void.

EightiesChick · 01/07/2010 10:45

Talentless void is about right!

HerBeatitude · 01/07/2010 19:13

I feel compelled to defend her.

I have no idea what she's like really, don't listen to her radio show and don't watch the sort of TV programmes people like her are on, but she climbed Mt Kilamanjaro in aid of Children in Need and she did the John O Groats to Lands End cycle ride as well.

For those two things alone, i think as a role model for girls she's better than most.

Not that the bar is high, you understand. (Most female role models are simply gruesome.) But at least she's a sleb woman showing little girls that sport is not incompatible with glamour.

Ozziegirly · 02/07/2010 04:14

I think sometimes wearing a "band" t shirt is cool.

But not when the band are resolutely uncool. It's like she's wearing a Status Quo t shirt.

Iron Maiden - hehehe.

donnie · 02/07/2010 12:30

those Timmy Mallet shades are not a good look.

ihatethecold · 03/07/2010 14:39

she looks lovely.. she is a good role model for young girls.. she may not be the most talented but she has a career and gets involved with lots of sporty charity events... leave the girl alone

LynetteScavo · 03/07/2010 14:50

I like Fern, although the sunglasses are a bit

Her interview with Peaches Geldof made her look look incredibly talented and intelligent.


nagoo · 03/07/2010 14:54

I like Iron Maiden.

Haven't got a tshirt though.

NorbertDentressangle · 03/07/2010 15:00

By LynetteScavo Sat 03-Jul-10 14:50:30

"Her interview with Peaches Geldof made her look look incredibly talented and intelligent".

Anything to do with Peaches Geldof makes the potted plant in my living room look incredibly talented and intelligent.

snice · 03/07/2010 15:03

The tattood (sp?) feet are horrid though

cheesesarnie · 03/07/2010 15:05

i like her.
do not like what shes wearing in those pics though.

LynetteScavo · 03/07/2010 15:07

Good point, Norbert!

NorbertDentressangle · 03/07/2010 15:12

Lynette -I saw a bit of that programme but found myself getting more and more het up and had to turn off.

They really were Dumb and Dumber weren't they?

LynetteScavo · 03/07/2010 15:15

But in Ferns interview with Paris Hilton, Paris came over as a shining star!

I see where you are all coming form now.

SpringHeeledJack · 03/07/2010 15:19

she's just sooooo fick!

I wish the BBC would cast its Presenter Net a bit further out and get some not-so-cute-but-am-a-bit-of-a-smartypants sort of girls instead of total airheads

cornsilk5793 · 03/07/2010 15:32

I like Fearne. I think she doen't take herself too seriously. I also liked her in the interview with Peaches Gelfdof. She managed to make Paeches look like a spoilt brat without Peaches realisng. Although that's not too difficult...

said · 03/07/2010 15:53

Wearing an Iron Maiden t shirt is surely meant to be "ironic".

I'll slightly defend her because she styles herself, I think. Picks all her own clothes for tv rather than depending on stylist. That = slightly admirable.

I really wish she hadn't sounded so think herself though when interviewing Peaches Geldof though

HerBeatitude · 03/07/2010 16:08

Something has just struck me: why are so many women in the public eye so thick? Why aren't intelligent women allowed in public space?

Mind you, something else struck me at exactly the same time I wrote the above: I suppose most men in the public eye are hopelessly thick too. But there are SOME high profile clever ones and more than there are women.

Is it so that the women allowed into the public eye can be more easily controlled?

said · 03/07/2010 16:12

I was thinking the same as I wrote my message as well, In fact, I bet she's not that thick but for the vacuous BBC3/E4 celeb programmes you have to be seen to dumb down to celeb level. Assuming a lot of them are actually that thick

HerBeatitude · 03/07/2010 16:14

Yes I also suspect that until you are really well established, fave of the nation etc., you have to pretend to be much thicker than you are, so that no-one is threatened by you.

oxocube · 04/07/2010 11:16

I know absolutely nothing about the woman but the tatoos on the feet are very ugly IMO

UnquietDad · 04/07/2010 11:32

I don't think it's that women (or men) in the media are especially "fick" - it's more that the demands of today's media are not exactly intellectually stimulating. If you want to "make it", even if you are bright, you don't have to show it.

I've now idea how dim or otherwise Fearne Cotton is. But how many front-of-house arenas are there in music, entertainment etc., where cerebral activity is a requirement? Generally, the ones having to use their brains are working behind the scenes in programming, scheduling, direction, scripting etc.

You need to be professional and presentable, but there is no requirement to display intelligence. Even quiz shows where the presenter looks intelligent because they have all the answers aren't quite what they seem. Yes, Jeremy Paxman is bright, but we know that from his other work, not necessarily from "University Challenge".

I am met with derision when I describe Kimberley Walsh and Sarah Harding as intelligent. People just assume that, because they're in a girlband, they must be dim bimbos. And yet if you bother to find out the slightest thing about them and actually listen to/ read interviews with them, they are obviously bright women. Kimberley is the band's financial manager. Not may people know that, but not many people can be bothered to find it out. They'd just rather think she is dim because she has a (rather lovely, IMO) Yorkshire accent and looks good in a sparkly frock.

Speaking a foreign language is one thing that I think shows intelligence. How many people knew Ulrika-ka-ka could speak French before the 1998 Eurovision Song Contest?

HerBeatitude · 04/07/2010 21:05

Who are Kimberley Walsh and Sarah Harding?

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