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DS couldn't go to a birthday party as he was ill - would you give birthday child the present or use it for someone else ?

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CaptainUnderpants · 09/06/2010 14:25

DS was invited to a birthday party - in the end couldn't go as he was unwell. Had brought present etc (something that could be used for another birthday party).

Would you give it to the child anyway or re use it for another birthday child ?

OP posts:
Jamiki · 09/06/2010 14:29

Yeah, give it to the kid.

You bought it for them. Arrange to drop it off another time.

Makes for nice relations with the childs Mum.(and child).

onepieceoflollipop · 09/06/2010 14:30

I would say give it to the child as well. (unless you are very skint then fair enough, recycle it)

amidaiwish · 09/06/2010 14:33

was it a big party?
if it was a full class affair then i would keep the present, he will have enough! i know it all gets a bit much and after a while you want the presents to stop.

if it was a very good friend and you bought/chose the present specifically then i would give it to him, or if it was a small party then do.

seeker · 09/06/2010 14:38

Of course give them the present! It's not a trade off!

fluffyhamster · 09/06/2010 14:43

If it was something like a soft play/ swimming/football party where they would probably alreday have paid for him to go them yes, definitely give the present, as they may be out of pocket.

If it was 30 kids turn up for some games and cake in a hall, then no, I probably wouldn't....

DramaInPyjamas · 09/06/2010 14:46

Yes. Give the birthday child the present.
I have done so before when my DC had chicken pox.

PheasantPlucker · 09/06/2010 14:47

I would always give the prezzie

CaptainUnderpants · 09/06/2010 14:48

Thank you all, I shall give present to child.

OP posts:
megonthemoon · 09/06/2010 14:50

I would give the present. It's irrelevant that your DS then wasn't able to go to the party - you intended to give the present to the child therefore you should give the present to the child. Very unfair not to - makes it seem as if the child is only worthy of a present if your DS was able to eat the exact equivalent value in jelly, ice cream and cake! That's not what friendship is about.

amidaiwish · 09/06/2010 18:03

doesn't anyone here groan when they have a party and come home with 30 odd presents?

really, truly? unless it was a small party isn't the present just something the dcs turn up with at a party? do you really buy something special with each child in mind for every party you go to, (for close friends/family, yes, i am talking about the 20 or so class parties in the first few years of school).

a few people missed dd's party and said to me later, "oh i'll drop the present round" and i said 100% honestly, "please don't worry unless you bought it specially for her, she has LOADS" and none of them did.

UniS · 09/06/2010 21:32

If its close friend of your DS and present was chosen with care and friendship, yes, give it to them. If they are one of a crowd and it was a generic present, no.

BalloonSlayer · 09/06/2010 21:38

Give present otherwise it looks as if you never intended for him to come.

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