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Ikea teddy in Hillsborough Sheffield

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sadmissingbear · 30/05/2010 17:43

DD (4) lost her beloved and stinky little bear, probably in Hillsborough Park today. He cost £1.99 I think but she adores him. She is having a lousy time generally at the moment and if there was any way we could get him back then that would be wonderful.

OP posts:
ronx · 30/05/2010 19:22

hope you find it.

squilly · 30/05/2010 19:35

Sorry I can't help, on the wrong side of town, but hope you find your bear.

In case you don't, where did you get him from, in case you need to source a replacement??? Any chance someone might have something similar on here??? Can you post a picture on your profile of said bear??

Hope none of this is necesarry and he turns up safe and well.

sadmissingbear · 31/05/2010 17:45

useless X went back to look again, having refused point blank "it'll teach her a lesson" but for once was less of a chocolate teapot came up trumps and found smelly bear. DD is ecstatic and I am slightly less hacked off with X than usual

OP posts:
ditavonteesed · 31/05/2010 17:51

yah, was just going to say I'll take the dog over if anyone can find a stinky bear she can.

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