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for some reason this has shocked me

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2shoes · 20/05/2010 11:39


OP posts:
BibiFashion · 20/05/2010 11:43

So sad..

ABatInBunkFive · 20/05/2010 11:43

Oh no! Also shocked.

cravingcroissants · 20/05/2010 11:46

I'm really suprised as I thought they would have been a strong happy couple.
Apparently he was a virgin until he married....

BigBadMummy · 20/05/2010 11:59

Wow, that is a shock. I thought they had one of the strongest marriages. They always appeared so "loved up".

bobbiewickham · 20/05/2010 12:01

There have been rumours flying around for years that he's gay.

Unsubstantiated, I have to say.

cyb · 20/05/2010 12:02

I always thought she looked like his Mum, not his wife

ABatInBunkFive · 20/05/2010 12:03

Last time i saw Boyzone on TV i said to DP that Ronan was looking particularly gay. I think it was the earing he had in that did it, maybe she felt the same...

brimfull · 20/05/2010 12:06

He'll be flying out of the closet soon.

Has realised now that life is too short.

bobbiewickham · 20/05/2010 12:07

I thought that.

Stephen Gately's death was a catalyst.

colditz · 20/05/2010 12:07

Oh for Goodness sake.

He's GAY. he is. I have no problem with it, and I do understand why, as a man who clearly adores his family, he married a childhood friend and had babies rather than live a very hard and biologically childless life as an out gay man, but his friend Stephen's death has, IMO, trigger some sort of identity crisis, in which he has realised that he cannot continue to live a lie incase he dies a lie.

And presumably, his wife would quite lifke a sex life and the children are getting too old to think that seperate bedrooms for Mummy and Daddy is nrmal.

I KNOW it's not my business, but there we go. It's my opinion and I think I'm right.

pissovski · 20/05/2010 12:14

I was shocked too

2shoes · 20/05/2010 12:22

colditz you sound like you know them

OP posts:
cyb · 20/05/2010 12:25

My brothers got hair like Ronan Keating...

Meglet · 20/05/2010 12:46

She does look much older than him. He comes across as nice bloke though, bet he's much more fun that his sensible boyzone image makers would let us believe.

I've always wondered if he was gay too.

strandedatsea · 20/05/2010 12:52

How do you know he's gay?
Interesting though that Steven Gately's death was mentioned so high up in the story as if this definitely had something to do with the split.

Maybe lots of Slebs will coming falling out of their closets soon...come on George Clooney et al.....

Partyofseven · 20/05/2010 13:01

Hooray, I can now finally throw out my dh of 15yrs and get 'little ronan' to come and live with meeeeeeeee, and my 5 kids, two cats, two rabbits and no money in a 3 bedroomed terrace

Only joking of course feel sorry for all especially kids.

GAY??????? are you sure, no, can't be, I love him

Partyofseven · 20/05/2010 13:02

ps. i wouldn't mind george clooney falling out of my closet either.

EightiesChick · 20/05/2010 13:10

Argh, have just read this and realised I've just posted the same story! V sad whether he is gay, straight or whatever. It seemed to be a solid marriage.

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