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Can anyone tell me what is going on with Pete and Kerry?

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LoveBeingAHungParliament · 09/05/2010 20:33

so Pete and Kerry are an item? I may be behind the times but had made a decision to cull all celeb crap out of my life but to be honest i saw this today and have to say if it had been april 1st i would have been sure it was a prank.

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BooBooChicken · 09/05/2010 20:35

the quotes cld be just her talking about him as a friend though? i really hope they are not an item!

HinnyPet · 09/05/2010 20:35

To be fair they do share the same publicist

BooBooChicken · 09/05/2010 20:36

(don't know why i care though! )

Eve · 09/05/2010 20:36

I don't think so.. did read somewhere they have the same agent.

So guess its all publicity for her to keep her on front pages of OK.

traceybath · 09/05/2010 20:36

Yes - I think Hinny has it - they share management.

All about the rehabilitation of Ms Katona.

EccentricaGallumbits · 09/05/2010 20:36

i forsaw this. i wish i'd taken out soe sort of insurance, or a bet or something. how fuckily perefectly obvious.

Magaly · 09/05/2010 20:36


Max Clifford made some comment about how Kerry needed a guy like peter Andre.

It makes PA seem like a good guy rescuer, and it is supposed to make us think KK is worthy of the guy that PA is supposed to be. Have you all got that?

LoveBeingAHungParliament · 09/05/2010 20:38

Well that's just knocked Pete right down to KP's level then really hasn't it, in fact lower!

OP posts:
traceybath · 09/05/2010 20:38

It will make their management team very rich though.

If she succesfully makes Kerry Katona popular with the public again - she'll be the new Max Clifford.

LoveBeingAHungParliament · 09/05/2010 20:39

Everything/one has a level where they then start to come down, even mn , this is pete's biggest mistake.

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