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When you come back ........ BUNGLIE ............ look here about PS

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RTKangaMummy · 28/07/2005 19:37

here it is BUNGLIE enjoy


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Bunglie · 28/07/2005 21:29

Bunglie is a happy little Bunglie....Thanks!

I have literally just 'wheeled' in through the door! I turned on the 'puter to down load my emails and could not resist having a quick look a! PS and he is all mine

Sorry all, I needed to get away for a while and recouperate (where is that spell-checker tech?), I did not realize how hard it was going to be at home. 3-4 months in hospital and you would have thought I did not need the rest! But the events of the last few weeks has taken it out of me quite a bit.

I am back and ready to get going with updating you all etc. and of course I will be keeping my spirits the tanker! Whose turn was it to order it as my straw has all suck and no slurp!

I must go and sort my stuff out now, as shreiks are coming from dh saying "I bet you're on Mumsnet?" Who me [innocent looking emoticon]

Glad to see everything except the Voddy and that mess in the corner of Gerby's cage is as I left it.

CU 2 more O I have to learn this text online dictionary would be useful!

Oh I wish I could stay and play...but I can't

[Yells up the stairs to dh, innocently]

"I am just coming....a problem with the brouser"
(Well it is not a lie it got stuck on Mumsnet!)

Bye bye XX

WigWamBam · 28/07/2005 21:32

If you start speaking in text-speak, I may have to slap you, and you really wouldn't want that.

Get lots of rest and look after yourself. xx

RTKangaMummy · 28/07/2005 21:34

hellooooooooooooooooooooooo bunglie

saw that and thought you might like it

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