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I met Ruthie Henshall last week!!

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lottiejenkins · 19/04/2010 16:27

I always seem to see people on my travels (Jospeh Fiennes, Matthew Horne, David Puttnam, Una Stubbs)
Last week on the train into London i met Ruthie whilst i was waiting for the loo. She was stood outside whilst her daughter was in there. We had a lovely chat, discussing our childrens names and the reason why i named my son Wilfred. I even suggested as I was leaving that she should think of starting a Special Needs theatre group in East Anglia as we dont have anything like Chickshed here!!
She was a very nice lady!!

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mosschops30 · 19/04/2010 16:28

I think she could turn me I find her very attractive

lottiejenkins · 19/04/2010 16:29

She looked very pretty when i saw her!!

OP posts:
potplant · 20/04/2010 11:39

Glad to hear she's so nice as I love her!

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