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Paul Weller and gf of 24. 27 years younger? Dignified?

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ipanemagirl · 16/04/2010 12:20

Not dignified Paul weasel face.
Don't say she's your 'soul mate', that's your crotch talking Grandad!
Same goes for you Madonna!

OP posts:
BoysAreLikeDogs · 16/04/2010 12:32

she is not a girl she is a woman

Snuppeline · 16/04/2010 12:35

Hahaha! What a narrow mind you have! There's a 24 year difference between my dh and me - doesn't make either of us kinky. Luckily for me you wont see us on telly or in glossy mag's because neither of us are selebs and so you can't pass judgement based on simple appearance when it comes to our relationship. What do you think of fat/thin couples, or racial mixes, are they gross too? I'm sure to you the thin lady who has a very thick waisted husband living next door to me must be a pervert and can certainly not see him as her equal or anything close to a soul mate. I wonder what you and a presumed partner look a picture for a rounded critique will you? (twinkle in the eye emoticon)

ipanemagirl · 16/04/2010 12:36

I only meant 'gf' as in girlfriend not wife.
Of course she's a woman! I don't blame her for the relationship; I just think it's undignified of him is all.
It's only an opinion, that's all, just an opinion, that's what mumsnet is partly for imo.

OP posts:
ipanemagirl · 16/04/2010 12:40

Fair enough! I'm not narrow minded generally but what I object to is the 'soul mate' thing.

Maybe she is his 'soul mate' maybe it will last and if so all power to them.

But I have two words to say: Mel Gibson! That's not so dignified is it? I think he said his gf was his 'soul mate' too.

Only time will tell but fair enough, it was prejudiced of me and I almost completely take it back! I just feel for all the women he dumps for a younger more soulmatey version. As my dad dumped my mother for a 24 year old and left us in a fair pile of poo. So my prejudice does have some history, although that's an explanation not really a defence.

OP posts:
lottiejenkins · 18/04/2010 21:51

I never comment on age differences in relationships as my late dh was 34 years older than me!

KerryMumbles · 19/04/2010 11:26

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Lu0509 · 28/04/2010 18:34

Fair play to him I say. She's not a schoolgirl so whats the problem with it?!!

instructionstothedouble · 28/04/2010 18:37

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

ShatnersBassoon · 28/04/2010 18:38

His haircut would indicate that dignity isn't really important to him.

Lu0509 · 28/04/2010 18:39

Yep the haircut is rather dodgy!!

Magaly · 28/04/2010 18:39

men don't find it shameful to be lead in to a relationship by their crotch though.

He's ugly though. Yuck.

AntoinetteOuradi · 28/04/2010 18:42

Oh, good for him (not a sentence I thought I'd ever write about Mr Socialism Paul Weller, but there you go.) 'Not dignified'? Cripes.

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