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Regarding this ''friend's'' behaviour?

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MargeHomerBart · 13/04/2010 18:28

Ok this is partly my fault for being such an idiot.

I have an old friend from uni. I am/was besotted with her brother in the past and I realised that I still like him.He now has a girlfriend so he's out of bounds.
I told her how I feel(doh) but I felt that I had to because it was hurting me too much to spend any time at the house where they all live esp as he's shacked up with his gf there. I was visiting regularly there for a baby group.

I really like this girl but I am not so sure about her now regarding the way she behaved at my birthday meal. I invited her out as I like her. She kept mentioning her brother and his girlfriend and how loved up they are. I know they are together and I am trying to keep my distance so why did she keep reminding me. I don't want to hear about it.

She has given me the impression that she dosn't really like me.

OP posts:
MargeHomerBart · 13/04/2010 18:29

She could get me to back off in a different way. IE- not mentioning it at my birthday meal.

OP posts:
plimsolls · 16/04/2010 12:29

Maybe mention to your friend that you understand her brother is not available, apologise if you making your feelings about him clear made her uncomfortable and say you've moved on? If you want to keep up the level of contact you had before, that is.

If not, just assume that she is a not very sensitive or caring and keep your distance. Which, if the thought of him being with someone else is hurting you, might be for the best anyway.

plimsolls · 16/04/2010 13:57

Also, I saw your other thread about your birthday meal. Are you talking about the same friend in both threads or did you have two different guests upsetting you about two different things?

compo · 16/04/2010 14:01

I don't get what the question is?

What would I do?

I'd remove myself from the whole situation as seeing the sister of the man you love is going to be painful all the time until you move on. She's allowed to talk about her brothers new girlfriend, if you can't handle it you need to stop seeing her.

JustMyTwoPenceWorth · 21/04/2010 20:07

What would I do - nothing.

Maybe she's trying to let you know there's no chance. Perhaps she is letting you know you should 'get over him', iyswim. Maybe motivation is to help you? Who knows.

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