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Can I stop one particular friend from seeing my status?

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bigknickersbigknockers · 21/03/2010 19:15

I want to staop one facebook friend from seeing my status. Not bothered about this friend seeing my wall, photo's etc. Can i do this, and if so how

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truthisinthewine · 21/03/2010 19:16

Yes go to the privacy settings on your account and change it from friends only (or whatever you have) to customise and you can put their name in

ToccataAndFudge · 21/03/2010 19:17

yes you need to go to account, privacy settings, profile information, then "posts by me", click on the thing and "customise". in the "hide from these friends" bit you can put their name and then save.

You can check it's worked by clicking on "preview my profile" (at the top of the privacy settings page) and typing their name in - will show you how they see your profile

bigknickersbigknockers · 21/03/2010 20:29

thanks ladies... sorted

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