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Emma Thompson- you've got to love 'er

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SpringHeeledJack · 21/03/2010 12:09

here she is

Aren't they lovely?

...or am I just being wet?

Have to admit this brought a tiny tear to me jaded cynical old eye when I saw it in the paper yesterday. I like the way she really means it

...and I got back from a weekend last year with the dcs to find that my BF had carefully ignored his Things To Do list and spent the whole weekend getting meals cooked for him by gullible kind folk, googling test scores and- most memorably- "Emma Thompson's tits".

I bear her no ill will though [magnanimous]

OP posts:
Bumperlicious · 21/03/2010 12:18

Do you know what, funny you should mention Emma Thompson's tits. DH and I were watching one of those movie clip shows once and they flashed up an old film with Emma's tits out and both DH and I immediately said that her tits were exactly like mine! Bizarre I know!

Rindercella · 21/03/2010 12:22

I vividly remember a thread about 'Emma Thompson's tits' and the fact someone's other half had been googling that! I am guessing that was your thread Springheel...surely too much of a coincidence that more than one man would be so specific in his googling

tartyhighheels · 21/03/2010 12:23

ooh i love emma, she is so wholesome and how nice to hear happy family stories for once

RubysReturn · 21/03/2010 12:25

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

LadyBiscuit · 21/03/2010 12:27

She lives around the corner from me. I have never once bumped into her though which is a bit of a swizz. I keep hoping she will want to be my friend

SpringHeeledJack · 21/03/2010 12:58

Rindercella yes it was me ...but who knows, it may be standard practice for lonely men with a pc? I am still baffled

I do hope not, for Emma's sake. She is so much better than that

Bumperlicious- I am inspired to find my tit twin now

OP posts:
nigelslaterfan · 24/03/2010 11:11

ET is lovely and a proper Luvvy but you have to forgive her. No one cries on film to better effect (affect?).

I love her openness.

That screenplay for S and Sensibility was genius, she is a proper British Treasure
Gor bless er
Father in law bows down in worship of her.

SinninHinny · 26/03/2010 22:53

Oh she's on Jonathan Ross now (yeah, I know he's a twat). She's lovely and looks fabulous.

cocolepew · 26/03/2010 23:09

She signed the open letter supporting Roman Polanski. Prick.

ChaosInCamelot · 26/03/2010 23:15

I 'heart' her. Read that story before and it made me cry a bit.
LOL at your DH Springheel!

SpringHeeledJack · 26/03/2010 23:18

even the photo made me cry a bit

...that was twatty, about the Polanski letter. But iirc she changed her mind afterwards? or something?

OP posts:
SinninHinny · 26/03/2010 23:18

I've never seen her name on the petition - I've seen Tilda Swinton's but not ET

SinninHinny · 26/03/2010 23:21

Ah I see she withdrew her name. She's gone down in my estimation for signing the bloody thing

FiveOrangePips · 26/03/2010 23:27

I liked her until I read that article.

BitOfFun · 26/03/2010 23:36

I like her. Nobody's perfect- but she's alright in my book.

bibbitybobbityhat · 26/03/2010 23:42

Yes, she is lovely.

But ...

but ...

I want to say something surpremely shallow ...

SinninHinny · 26/03/2010 23:44
SinninHinny · 26/03/2010 23:47


bronze · 26/03/2010 23:47

I like her description of marriage

bibbitybobbityhat · 26/03/2010 23:52

I think Gaia is a truly deeply shockingly awful name .

BaDaBing · 27/03/2010 00:09

Love Emma Thompson, and thought that was a lovely article. What's the petition controvesy?

SinninHinny · 27/03/2010 08:44

Bibbity s'not shallow. DD1's name differs by just 1 letter, but hers is, like, classical

SuSylvester · 27/03/2010 08:44

she was GREAT on blue peter

really fun

SuSylvester · 27/03/2010 08:45

i had forgotten teh emma thompsons tits thread

oh my god that was funny

ElephantsAndMiasmas · 01/04/2010 15:47

No listen, she changed her mind after a student talked to her about it. You can read the whole story here:

So I love her again now. No-one else changed their mind, and it's good she's got the courage to realise she's made a mistake and come out and say so:Independent's take on the story

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