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move abroad or not?

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jen45 · 19/03/2010 21:57

Married in Canada and lived there for 4 years. Hubby wanted to come to UK so I moved back 3 years ago. Used up all MY savings to buy furniture etc. Now hubby is bored without job and wants to go back to Canada. Im fed up moving. My sister lives in Canada but all my grown up kids are here. Our marriage is rocky and hubby is selfish and says if I dont go then he will go anyway, even although my elderly mum is sick. Our flights are booked end of this month. I thought about going for 6 months but dont think Canada will change who he is. Last year he was caught having online indescreations on porn and dating sites so that caused a lot of problems. Do I stay in the UK and be lonely or move to Canada and perhaps make our marriage work?

OP posts:
Kathyjelly · 20/03/2010 19:28

Given his attitude, I think you need to worry about you first. Where are you happiest? If your mum is ill, do you need to be here or in Canada. How often do you see your kids? Grandkids? Do you have a job here that you like? If you split, where would you be happiest and most able to cope on your own?

Mongolia · 20/03/2010 19:42

God, no! don't move away, if your marriage is about to end you want to have your family and friends around, not being stranded in a foreign country. You will be more lonely if you move than if you stay.

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