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Hmmm - how do I handle this?

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ElfOnTheTopShelf · 15/03/2010 23:18

My sister has split up with her hubby. They have been separated now for two months.
My daughter is four and a half, and keeps asking where her uncle is. I have said he is at work (he works a lot of evenings and weekends, so at gatherings over the weekend, he was not often there, so not unusual).
So - obviously... cant tell DD that sisters ex is always at work forever. But - what do I say? My sister is sure that they are not getting back together, and is wants to tell my DD so she stops asking etc, but I honestly dont know what to say!

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ElfOnTheTopShelf · 15/03/2010 23:29

I shall check back tomorrow morning/bump in the morning.


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kreecherlivesupstairs · 16/03/2010 10:30

I'd be honest with her, Aunty X and Uncle Y aren't living together anymore. Will she be able to see her uncle any more?

lal123 · 16/03/2010 10:33

second kreecher - just be honest with her. We had a similar issue when my Mum split up with her partner - we just told DD that Granny wasn't living with Granda X any more. DD thought that Granny might be a bit sad about that and said she needed extra cuddles - to be honest she was more worried about whether Grandad would be taking Granny's dogs.

LittleSilver · 16/03/2010 19:30

Tell the truth. Why not?

ElfOnTheTopShelf · 16/03/2010 23:10

I took the advice and told DD that Aunt and Uncle dont live together anymore. DD was a bit upset, wondered who was going to be Aunts boyfriend, and concerned about what had happened.
I hadn't told DD previously because I didn't know if my sister would change her mind but now it is "final" so felt it was right to tell DD now, but didn't know how to start!

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