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So, Kate Winslet and Sam Mendes have split up apparently

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DorotheaPlenticlew · 15/03/2010 17:50

On the ticker on BBC News 24.

Thought there might be a thread, there wasn't so here's one ... although not sure why I am bothering really as my main feeling is .

Just strikes me as odd that it's on the "breaking news" ticker really!

OP posts:
southeastastra · 15/03/2010 17:52

i thought they seemed quite well suited. but what do i know

BoysAreLikeDogs · 15/03/2010 17:53

some of us knew that aaages ago

thighsmadeofcheddar · 15/03/2010 17:54

I used to really like Kate until she went all Hollywood. I also don't like how she always tries to normalise herself, I'm just a mum etc etc. But still, sucks for them.

BariatricObama · 15/03/2010 17:55

omg no, i can't bear it. poor poor kate, poor sam. sigh


choosyfloosy · 15/03/2010 17:56

I hate celebrity break-ups - takes up a ridiculous amount of emotional head-space!

Should be but am in fact

cyb · 15/03/2010 17:58

Oh god everything is on a breaking news ticker these days, Cory Haim, Tiger Woods, Cheryl Cole


UnquietDad · 15/03/2010 18:01

She did the charming thing of divorcing her first husband because his career wasn't taking off as well as hers, didn't she?

DarrellRivers · 15/03/2010 18:03

She has her oscar now
She has no further need of SM

Rubyrubyruby · 15/03/2010 18:07

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

dexter73 · 15/03/2010 18:17

Bet she goes for Leonardo Dicaprio next!

choosyfloosy · 15/03/2010 18:20

Urrgh they were so wrong together, Leo and she. Differently sized heads.

Tenner says Kathryn Bigelow.

thesteelfairy2 · 15/03/2010 18:25

Bet she has someone else on the go she always strikes me as the type that wouldn't leave till she had another one to go to.

lottiejenkins · 15/03/2010 18:36

Didnt i read on a thread somewhere on here last year that she was a "beard"???

dexter73 · 15/03/2010 18:37

James Cameron had a lucky escape!

needanamefast · 15/03/2010 18:40


needanamefast · 15/03/2010 18:40


DarrellRivers · 15/03/2010 18:41

Yes, I could see that
She has had some pretty great career benefits as part of the partnership

thesteelfairy2 · 15/03/2010 18:42

A Beard is a person of the opposite sex with whom one enters a public relationship to prove they are not gay.

Am I correct?

BalloonSlayer · 15/03/2010 18:43

Kathryn Bigelow is 57!

(Just thought I'd chuck that one in. She looks v good )

FabIsDoingPrettyWell · 15/03/2010 18:51

I am not surprised tbh.

She got pregnant so quickly after meeting and then they married. He hadn't been the marrying type by some accounts.

I am sorry for the kids, especially Mia.

mathanxiety · 15/03/2010 18:53

TSF2 you are correct in your definition.

lottiejenkins · 15/03/2010 18:54

The steel fairy.......... Yes!!

FabIsDoingPrettyWell · 15/03/2010 18:58

So are you saying Kate is gay?

lottiejenkins · 15/03/2010 18:58

my beard remark was first mentioned here!

lottiejenkins · 15/03/2010 18:58

No the comment in the thread was geared towards him i think!!

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