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Eeek! Nadine Coyle's legs!

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PoppityMoppityandCottontail · 12/03/2010 19:33


She looks painfully thin doesn't she?

OP posts:
BuryNoelEdmonds · 12/03/2010 19:44

Looks like she's swapped one eating disorder for another, sadly.

ASecretLemonadeDrinker · 12/03/2010 19:47

Look at her hands and wrist where she is holding the rail. She looks so great as a size 8 I hope she realises it.

fritata · 12/03/2010 22:17

OMG She is very, very ill and definately not right...she needs help

I didnt recognise her

muggglewump · 12/03/2010 22:19

That looks horrible, just awful.
She is clearly ill and needs help.

vjg13 · 13/03/2010 16:04

She looks so fragile and ill .

cananybodyhelp · 13/03/2010 16:11

That girl should be in hospital - she looks dangerously ill.

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