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What does Alexa Cheung actually DO?

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peggotty · 08/03/2010 14:01

Apart from get her picture taken with her limbs at strange angles and a dour face? Possibly I am just a jealous old hag, as she is very pretty (although too skinny).

OP posts:
mayorquimby · 08/03/2010 14:35

alex turner and presenter

mayorquimby · 08/03/2010 14:35

alex turner and presenter

potplant · 08/03/2010 14:38

She's on MTV in America. Apparently she's very famous over there.

peggotty · 08/03/2010 14:48

Yes knew about the alex turner connection, he of the parsnip nose. She seems to turn up in every 'style' newspaper/magazine section around looking all winsome yet intense. So she's just a presenter then?

OP posts:
NumberOneEnemy · 08/03/2010 14:49

she doesnt get her tits out

for that we need to salute her

mayorquimby · 08/03/2010 14:50

pretty much. mtv and c4 presenter afaik unless there's some other talents I don't know of.

southeastastra · 08/03/2010 14:50

she's going all skinny now though, cannot salute that

GetOrfMoiLand · 08/03/2010 14:51

Pretty girl and lovely figure but all I want to say is STAND UP STRAIGHT and POLISH YOUR SHOES.

Don't think she is much of a style icon as she resembles a knock kneed earnest sixth former in my view.

Hassled · 08/03/2010 14:51

She has the look of the sixth former we all wanted to be. Except thinner.

NumberOneEnemy · 08/03/2010 14:52

what might be knock knnes and winsome at 20 odd, will surely make you look like crazed psychiatric patient at 30

peggotty · 08/03/2010 14:53

yes she's not going to be able to carry it off much longer

OP posts:
noddyholder · 08/03/2010 14:55

She is beautiful i have those legs

GetOrfMoiLand · 08/03/2010 14:57

She has beautiful big eyes. However they may look beautiful and striking eyes now, however when she is 55 she will look like mad and crazy fixed staring lady a la Ann Maurice (remember her?)

NumberOneEnemy · 08/03/2010 14:57

lots of crossing legs too

tena lady?

GetOrfMoiLand · 08/03/2010 14:58

Canesten combi

peggotty · 08/03/2010 14:59

Yes, mad ann maurice eyes! Actually I think we are all kidding ourselves, she is going to be gorgeous forever isn't she - if a bit knock-kneed

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