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david essex = id still hold him close dont let him go

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MrsPotiphar · 27/02/2010 15:26

oh no

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MrsPotiphar · 27/02/2010 15:27

are we swaying?

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cyb · 27/02/2010 15:44

Don;t worry I'd give him one too

MrsPotiphar · 27/02/2010 15:45

iw asnt going to be so blunt.

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cyb · 27/02/2010 15:46

well youre obviously a romantic and I'm a hussy

MrsPotiphar · 27/02/2010 15:46

this was a bad hair era

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cyb · 27/02/2010 15:47

he is the Paul newman of Gypsy pop

cyb · 27/02/2010 15:47

That HAS to be Pebble Mill at one

MrsPotiphar · 27/02/2010 15:51

ah david
oi cyb come around for a cup of tea
its warm ont he sofa in the sun

OP posts:
MrsWeasley · 27/02/2010 15:58

He is still beautiful with those lovely eyes!

David Essex rocks!!

cyb · 27/02/2010 16:00

ooh I'd LOVE to come for a cuppa...I could be with you by 6.30 but sun would have gorn down

RoseWater · 27/02/2010 22:57

mmmmmmmmmmmm yes he's still got something hasn't he

bibbitybobbityhat · 27/02/2010 23:01

Oh swoony faint!

He was on Wossy on R2 today. I think I have almost persuaded dh to come with me to his new musical All The Fun Of The Fair - which lets face it is going to be shite!

But oh deary me . I had my entire bedroom walls covered with posters of him - and on the ceiling too. Been to see him loads of times, first time ever @ Southampton Gaumont in 1975.

bibbitybobbityhat · 27/02/2010 23:04

Although looking at those pics in the link he does look a bit older than 62 I think. A bit little old man-ish .

fruitshootsandheaves · 27/02/2010 23:06

I have some really crap classic David Essex albums on vinyl. I went to a concert on my own to see him. Also in Southampton.

TrowelAndError · 27/02/2010 23:18

His hair may be grey but the twinkle's still there.

BooKangerooWonders · 27/02/2010 23:26

He'll always have a silver linin' to me...

bibbitybobbityhat · 27/02/2010 23:32

Ooooooh ... Rock On

barleywood · 27/02/2010 23:33

Swaying and swooning . Giving away our ages here...who cares.

Flame · 27/02/2010 23:37

Oooh he'll always have the eyes which is the main thing.

My dad did electrics for him once, brought home his autograph. Seeing as I was about 10 and it was early 90s, I was a bit . Now I get it though, and have done since mid teens!

bibbitybobbityhat · 27/02/2010 23:37

Who remembers That'll Be The Day ?

TrowelAndError · 27/02/2010 23:41

Oh yes, Bibbitybobbityhat, I most certainly do.

RoseWater · 28/02/2010 13:02

[[ silver fox]

MrsPotiphar · 28/02/2010 18:22

i dont!

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