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I'm in a dilemma!

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TheBreastmilksOnMe · 13/02/2010 21:43

Hello! I'm a childminder and I am 6 weeks pregnant. I work 5 days a week at the moment looking after my own son (17mths), 1 full timer (8mths), 1 part timer (3yrs) and another part timer (17mths).

Now this isnt a problem, the problem is in the summer when I will potentially begin working a 7 day week after taking on a 5yr old boy at the weekends and throughout the week during the holidays from April until september.

The father hasn't signed the contract yet but will probably next week. I said I could do it before I found out I was pregnant and the money will be very good. I'd also love to have an older child on board and he sounds as though he needs a 'mother figure' as his own mum abandoned him last year.

I have all these thoughts running through my head about what to do for the best but I know I am going to be exhausted and I suffered badly from PGP last pregnancy and that was a much quieter year without a toddler to run around after so I just know that it's going to be worse this time.

As soon as the little boy will finish with me I'll start maternity leave which will leave me 6 weeks before my due date. Please help me to decide what the best thing to do is. We have been struggling financially lately so I can't help but think of the money side of things but I don't want that to be a priority even though it's a very important factor, obviously.

I can't live on peanuts with another little one on the way. I also don't want to be in pain and heavily pregnant with an active little boy who deserves a fun and active CMer. Help!

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purepurple · 14/02/2010 08:08

I think you need to discuss with your partner what would be best for you and your family.
Workin 7 days a week while pregnant is obviously not ideal.
I know some people will say that you are only doing what lots of other mums do when pregnant with larger families.
But looking after other people's children is nothing like looking after your own.
What happens when the baby is born?

TheBreastmilksOnMe · 14/02/2010 12:34

Well the 7 day week will finish when the little boy starts school in september which is also when I start my maternity leave- 6 weeks before baby is born. I told the parents last time I was pregnant after 12 weeks so that they new well in advance and couold look for alternative care. I will do the same again this time.

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