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Sarah Harding - I don't know where to start

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MmeLindt · 07/02/2010 21:31

Article about Sarah Harding in our favourite newspaper.

Aside this truly awful photo caption:

Bookworm: So she decided to lye on the sand and do some reading instead

The shots are so obviously staged. Or do you lye (sic) in the surf with a book?

OP posts:
southeastastra · 07/02/2010 21:32

her boyfriend looks like a right chav

GetOrfMoiLand · 07/02/2010 21:34


Do you reckon it was some 'intellectual' book chosen not actually for reading but to be seen photographed with so she would come across as an intellgient woman?

Hassled · 07/02/2010 21:34

You need UnquietDad to give a fair and impartial appraisal of the Walking Primrose.

harpsichordcarrier · 07/02/2010 21:34

I would rather dye than lye in the surf..
I only wish I could see the title so we could be snooty about it :-)

DorotheaPlenticlew · 07/02/2010 21:35

UQD was the first person I thought of too.

MmeLindt · 07/02/2010 21:36

Yes, I feel that was a missed opportunity to show how intellectual she is.

OP posts:
MmeLindt · 07/02/2010 21:39

Can I admit to putting her name in the title to lure UQD in.

I have found his website

OP posts:
piratecat · 07/02/2010 21:43

haha, nice one Hassled!

MmeLindt · 08/02/2010 09:36

According to the Mirror, she was reading Lovely Bones.

OP posts:
PollyTroll · 08/02/2010 09:41

I'm glad you brought up the Walking Primrose thing Hassled. I like that song but WTF does it mean?

IckleJess · 08/02/2010 09:53

Imagine the dodgy tan lines you'd get from that swimsuit...

etchasketch · 08/02/2010 09:59

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Slartybartfast · 08/02/2010 10:03

the comments are really good though.
come on mail, we don't need this,
we don't need the mail either, but that is beside the point

UnquietDad · 14/02/2010 12:26

Consider me lured! If a little late.

She is reasonably intelligent. (I'll link to her school report if you doubt that.) By buying into all the guff about how girlband singers must be dim because they left school with no qualifications, people show themselves up as (a) unimaginative and (b) willing to accept casual sexism.

The book is "The Lovely Bones", so snoot away!

TeflonMum · 14/02/2010 19:01

I bet she'll be reading Memoirs of a Geisha next

Vile cossie.

She looks like the best laugh out the lot of them, though. I bet Chezza and the 'I just love being a realistically curvy and healthily voluptuous size 6, me' one (Kim?) are a right pair of dullards.

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