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College assessor trouble with DD - would you step in?

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DontWantToEmbarrassDD · 02/02/2010 12:03

When dcs are in school the rules are simple - you have a chat if there is a problem with the teacher.

We are in a different ball game now! When dcs are in college is it the done thing to talk to their assessors if there seems to be a problem or is that a big NoNo?

Any advice welcome, thanks!

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AMumInScotland · 02/02/2010 12:32

I think I would encourage the DC to talk to the assessor first and try to resolve things, but if that didn't sort it I'd suggest we all meet to discuss the issue. But I'd try to get DS to make the arrangements and take the lead at the meeting, as it's important that they start taking responsibility for these sorts of things.

My DS is 16 and may well be at college next year, and I suspect he'd not be that great at resolving issues himself, but I'd be trying to push him to at least try, and only get involved once that fails.


DontWantToEmbarrassDD · 02/02/2010 13:31

Thanks AMIS, she feels she cant talk to the lady as she appears quite dismissive to DD - but DD has never got on well with liking school so that maybe some feelings bought over from that.

Will talk to her again later and suggest the meeting for all of us as you said.

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