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Cant add as a friend

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Rhuidean · 29/01/2010 14:56

What are the possible reasons for having no link for adding freinds on your profile? I found an old friend from school, all of the others have a box to click for add as a friend but this one doesnt. Why would that be? Is the account inactive?

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Tee2072 · 29/01/2010 15:24

She has very high security settings. Send her a private message asking her to friend you instead.

Rhuidean · 29/01/2010 16:22

Yes, that could be it, but I cant see where to contact her either. Any suggestions?

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Tee2072 · 29/01/2010 16:45

Top of FB page, says inbox. Go to inbox. Compose Message, type in her name. Type message. Send.

Rhuidean · 30/01/2010 17:05

What if there are several people with the same name tho?

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