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Today I took delivery of a package that wasn't meant for me...

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parsleysage · 29/01/2010 00:18

A jiffy bag addressed to someone who doesn't live at our address with a slightly different postcode than it should be - opened it and it contains an unpackaged child's toy (ebay win?) No slips inside with any addressee details.

Did the following: Looked up the postcode and can see the house numbers on our road that it covers (about 40 house numbers)

Did a search on the name on online phone directory - nothing listed in that name

Took the package to the playground and asked about 4 or 5 people who live on the same road if they knew the name - no one did.

Took it into the office at my child's primary school and asked if they had any pupils with that surname - No.

So my child is eyeing up this toy and I can't think what else to do. The postage was franked - and there are numbers on the franked label - would that indicate anything? Is there any way of tracing that? I think that's my last port of call to be honest but don't know anything about franking machines.

What would YOU do??

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LittlePushka · 29/01/2010 00:29

ASk you postie if he recognises the adressee or if there are similar adresses locally.

Is the toy used (ie is it likely to be a much loved and missed favourite?)

I would not keep it though - the PO should be able to identify the franking number.

DuelingFanjo · 29/01/2010 00:33

CAt me the name and the postcode and I will find you the address in work tomorrow, so long as they are on the electoral register... or post it here and tehn get it deleted tomorrow?

parsleysage · 29/01/2010 01:05

Little Pushka - the toy is just a plastic, mass-produced branded toy - so not some forlorn looking, much loved toy that has been left behind (thank goodness otherwise I would be going door-to-door) but still someone may have paid hard-earned cash for it! Postie (who is brilliant) didn't know the name but I may ask him again tomorrow.

DuelingFanjo - can't do CAT and am a bit paranoid about revealing the details here (have namechanged for this post for the same reasons!). But thanks for the offer. I should add that I am renting this property and have only been here for 6 months - know who was here the past two tenancies but this name is unfamiliar. Perhaps they could have been here years ago? Or even 3 or 4 years ago? Interesting you have the facility to look at this - can you give me an email address I could send you the details (or would you not do that for the very same reasons I'm not prepared to reveal the requested details?!!)

OP posts:
LittlePushka · 29/01/2010 13:37

LOL at parsley sage trogging the streets with battered half sucked bear, teary eyed and at wits end..

Wispabarsareback · 29/01/2010 13:53

Am just curious about why you opened a package that wasn't addressed to you...? Wouldn't the normal thing be to return it to the Post Office 'not known at this address'?

serenity · 29/01/2010 14:02

If it had a return address maybe. We get a lot of post for the previous tenants (they did a runner, we have baliffs and all sorts trying to find them) If there's no return address for the PO to return it to I open it to find out who to contact.

parsleysage · 29/01/2010 20:17

I usually send letters back by the truckload with "not known at this address" - but when it comes to packages and I can't find any indication of an addressee's address on the outside of the package I usually open it up.

I don't know why really, it's to gauge its importance I guess - if it has an address inside I'd simply seal it back up again and write the addressee's address on the envelope and say, "please redirect to.." I think it speeds things up and I feel it is helpful and wouldn't mind somebody doing it for me one day.

And yes, God forbid if it had been some much-loved toy - I think I might have ended up putting a poster up at the local Spar!

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