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Why are the press wittering on about Jen taking Brad back?

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cocolepew · 25/01/2010 16:39

He had an affair and they've been apart for a couple of years, why would she take/want him back?

Apart from the fact that she can't have a relationship for more than 10 minutes and seems needy mcneedy of needland of course.

OP posts:
gherkinwithapurplemerkin · 25/01/2010 17:54

Cos they all lurve her and angelina was cast as the Wicked Witch of the West at the time anyway.

Surely, she has more self-respect...

RebeccaRabbit · 27/01/2010 00:11

Why would she want him back sporting that dodgy grey beard?

Team Angelina here!

MaggieTaSeFuar · 27/01/2010 17:10

i know, as IF she would!

team aniston!

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