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Which commute would you do?

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Maize · 18/01/2010 20:51

Two choices.

  1. Bus - 2 minute walk to bus stop, 30 minute journey (goes a very round about way), 2/10 minute walk to work (depending on bus used) once off. Departs every half an hour.

2. Car - car outside house, 15 minute journey, 20 minute walk uphill to work.

Obviously its reversed at home time, journey can take slightly longer going home.

The journey is not far but not walkable or cycle-able.

Bus costs about £8.50 a week. Parking is free. Petrol costs around £20-25 every two weeks but that includes use for stuff other than commuting.

At the moment the commute is by car.

OP posts:
butadream · 18/01/2010 20:56

Have you tried the bus, is it OK? If you can get a seat and the route is reliable I would say bus, then you can read a book every day or just zone out and relax.

DebiNewberry · 18/01/2010 20:56


LittlePushka · 18/01/2010 20:58

Bus I reckon...

I would find it more relaxing and
you can catch up on reading or write or do crosswords or whatever during the journey.

have you done a week or two of the bus to see what it is like?

Maize · 18/01/2010 21:00

Ok for seats on bus. Can't read or do crosswords though as feel sick!

Have done the bus in the past and hated it because its such a round about route (frustrating!) but it is pretty much the same time door to door as the car which is why I am wondering.

OP posts:
foxinsocks · 18/01/2010 21:01

I'd use the car but that's because I can't read on the bus grr (travel sick)

Maize · 18/01/2010 21:02

Its annoying isn't it foxinsocks? Weirdly I am fine reading on trains but there is no train to work sadly...

OP posts:
foxinsocks · 18/01/2010 21:02

lol cross posts

take the car. It is too frustrating sitting on the bus knowing you can't read because it makes you sick.

You can always alternate between bus and car on days you don't want to drive.

foxinsocks · 18/01/2010 21:03

yes I am exactly the same Maize. It's strange isn't it. Can read on the tube too though still prefer to be facing the direction I travel (and on the train).

I squished into a seat between 2 err larger ladies on the back of the bus the other day when there were about 4 seats facing backwards free. I had to apologise profusely and explain I got sick if I sat backwards on the bus !

butadream · 18/01/2010 21:04


Montifer · 18/01/2010 21:05

Audiobooks on bus?

I can't read in a car but am OK on buses and trains.

JiminyCricket · 18/01/2010 21:05


JiminyCricket · 18/01/2010 21:06

car mostly because of the walk which i would like and because i hate bus journeys they make me feel ill

MrsJohnDeere · 18/01/2010 21:22


I like cars and walking, but hate buses with a passion and would do anything to avoid using one.

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