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I ahve jsut discovered that mad woman's next door's 6 year old son has a facebook profile

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Saltire · 18/01/2010 18:54

Which is public, as are those of his sisters (not sure of their ages year 6and year4) and also aobut 12 other children in DS2's s
junior school, he says some of them are year 3 as well.
If people insist on having children under the age of 13 on facebook then surely their profiles should be private.
I came across it by accident, I noticed that my friend has the child who was bullying DS1 as a friend (they are 11) and his profile is public too, and then I noticed neighbours son's name down as a friend and thought "surely not" but it was him.

I was shocked at the content of some of the 11year olds profiles though

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TheFoosa · 18/01/2010 18:55


sowhatitsonlysnow · 18/01/2010 18:58
Lizzylou · 18/01/2010 19:00

Why do some people not let kids just be kids?
And public profiles? Are they quite mad?

I thought I was being all forward thinking letting my almost 6yr old DS1 go on Club Penguin

mamazon · 18/01/2010 19:03

year 6 would be 10? and year 4 would be 7?


I would report the profile to facebook. im sure you have to be 13 to register.

What is it they hope to achieve by having the account?

CarmenSanDiego · 18/01/2010 19:05

If you report them, FB will remove them. It's against their ToS for under 13s to use Facebook.

Saltire · 19/01/2010 08:19

How do I report them though

OP posts:
Bucharest · 19/01/2010 08:22

It's awful, isn't it?
dd uses my FB to play on that fishworld thing, and one of our neighbour's kids friended me so he could send her messages (he's 8, she's 6) His profile is disgusting- to the point that I thought it was his Dad's page and they'd just put the child's name on it.

Think I might report it too.

FlamingoBingo · 19/01/2010 08:24

That is madness. My DD has a FB profile but it is completely private and very heavily policed - it's only for playing farmville. I won't let her post status updates or comment on her 'friends' (which consist of a couple of my closest friends and my mum and my cousin).

I can't understand why people aren't more careful with their children's privacy.

Actually, what is worse is when you see blogs with heaps of very personal info and photos about children on them.

Saltire · 19/01/2010 08:25

If it was just games this child was playing it wouldn't be so bad, however, as I said his profile and those of his sisters are public and they aren't playing games.
As for the 11 year olds in DS1's class, well they give out their mobile and emails, they say which school they go to, they have pictures of themselves up and their wall is full of sex talk.

OP posts:
CarmenSanDiego · 19/01/2010 08:37

Report here

FlamingoBingo · 19/01/2010 08:40

That's apalling, Saltire. Definitely report. There are rules because idiots like these children's parents can't work out what's safe and what's not so they have to be told what to do.

Buda · 19/01/2010 08:52

It really is scary. How the hell do you legislate against stupidity though?

DS is 8 and will def not have a FB page till he is much older. I even think 13 is too young really.

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