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My brother and his ex

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ClareL · 29/12/2009 11:48

My DB has split with his partner of 11 years. She has moved away with the 3 kids and is now claiming everything possible off of the social, housing etc.... Everytime my bruv offers her money she says she can't take it as will need to declare it to the social. Will the social come after my bruv at some point for maintenance or contributions. My DB is just taking everyday for what it is at the moment and getting by as best he can. They argue constantly on the phone but he does a 150 mile round trip every weekend to pick up his kids and has then from fri to sun. He has them for a week over xmas. Should he be making a note of what he spends on them as proof that he has still been giving them money if not directly. Any ideas?

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DLI · 29/12/2009 15:08

csa will no doubt be in touch with him at some point in the future. unless he is giving her money that she signs for or into her bank account whatever he spends on children, ie buying them clothes etc won't be taken into account when they calculate his arrears (from the time they separated, if i was you bruv i would not spend a penny on them but put money into an account, that way she will probably start asking for money for clothes etc and he can get her to sign for it. that way he is covered. i know its harsh but if he doesn't do something he will end up paying for it in the long run.

ClareL · 29/12/2009 17:15

He was getting her to sign for every penny that he gave her, that is why she then started saying not to give her anything as she had to tell the social she had an extra amount of money. My DB is not the sort of guy that will remember to put money aside, he lives for today and will just spend it. It would be easier if he could give her the money now rather than the CSA coming after him for a lump sum in a few years time. I think whatever he gave her the social deducted from her money....doesn't seem to work in his favour really when it wasn't his choice and he has lost his children etc and will prob end up in a lot of debt because he can't manage his money but has been giving her money that she cannot take.

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