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Heidi Klum and Seal's new baby - how gorgeous is she??

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Sidge · 29/11/2009 21:41

Have a look at the pictures here - they are just gorgeous. Especially the one further down with Seal and the baby, it's lovely

Sorry it's the DM but the pictures are great

OP posts:
MmeLindt · 29/11/2009 21:42

Was looking at them yesterday, lovely pics.

5inthebed · 29/11/2009 21:43

She is gorgeous! All that hair

JesusChristOtterStar · 29/11/2009 21:48


19fran76 · 29/11/2009 21:48

She is beautiful. They are lovely pics.

Portofino · 29/11/2009 21:48

I Love the photo with all the dcs!

Norfolkbumpkin · 29/11/2009 22:06

Wow, what a beautiful set of pics. Now why the hell didn't I look that good after having my dd?

blametheparents · 29/11/2009 22:16

Super cute

ChaosInCamelot · 30/11/2009 19:16

She is a very beautiful baby (not surprisingly). I thought the photos were lovely.

MrsMattie · 30/11/2009 19:19


Her kids are all stunning.

And she is just ridiculously svelte and glowing for a mother of four

treedelivery · 30/11/2009 19:19

Not an ugly gene in the place really is there?

All the pictures of mea nd my bunch are like that.

Lizzylou · 30/11/2009 19:27

Awww, she is beautiful.
All of the family is.

Just like one of our photos, obv
Actually the kids are gorgeous in this house, DH isn't bad, I think I may be letting the side down

comewhinewithme · 30/11/2009 19:31

I saw the photos yesterday she is a gorgeous baby.

LynetteScavo · 30/11/2009 19:32


(I'm I'm relived there were no pics of Heidi's flat post birth tummy!)

SixtyFootDoll · 30/11/2009 22:10

Beautiful baby
Lovley family.

I was so shocked though by the comments, people saying the baby was ugly.FFS how can people be so nasty?

rasputin · 30/11/2009 22:21

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

bibbitybobbityhat · 30/11/2009 22:52

Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous.

CandyKane · 30/11/2009 23:07

What a beautiful baby, I want one!

bronze · 30/11/2009 23:16

shes gorgeous (both of them!)

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