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namechangeasimnervous · 22/09/2009 13:15

Did she really join when she was 13 then???

OP posts:
Meglet · 22/09/2009 13:19

If my heat magazine addled brain remembers correctly I think she founded the group when she was a teenager. 13 isn't that young to start get a group together if you're talented.

Maybe the original three can get back together now.

SamMitchell · 22/09/2009 13:22

God, they're drivel now, arent they? This is the final straw.

ilovegarlic · 22/09/2009 16:44

She is/was the MOST talented out of the whole group...they will definately close now

hunlet · 22/09/2009 16:46

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

donnie · 23/09/2009 14:54

Keisha's voice is CRAP!!! Mutya was the best by far.

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