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I've kind of acquired a stalker/over-enthusiastic acquaintance

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Bleh · 18/09/2009 10:50

A number of months ago, I met this woman at a friend's party, we left at the same time and ended up chatting together on the journey, and got on. She seemed alright. We added each other as friends on FB, and that was it. A couple of months later, we had a wee chat online about some stuff, and swapped numbers and agreed to meet up. We then went for drinks one evening, which was pleasant enough.
Then, she started texting me EVERY day, a couple of times a day. And not even with stuff you could respond to, just random comments along the lines of "I like cheese" or "I'm thinking of applying for this job". This went on for a few weeks, I would respond when there was something you could respond to. She then started giving me missed calls every couple of days (you know, ringing a few times, then hanging up). Once after this happened, she sent a text saying sorry, it was a pocket call. But it continued. One Sat evening I had my phone switched off, and then next day I had TWO answerphone messages from her at stupid o' clock in the morning. (not saying anything, just general background chat).

I then started ignoring her, but she kept going. She wanted to meet up again, but over the last few weeks I have been travelling a lot for work, and really busy, so physically unable. She went away for a couple of weeks, so I had a break. Then got back, and has now started texting again (though twice a week now, rather than 5 times a day), still saying "when can I see you?".

I am SUPER busy at work right now, starting very early and finishing late, barely getting to see DP and friends as it is. She's been asking again to meet up, but I haven't responded to her request.

WWYD? It is highly likely that I will continue to bump into her occassionally, as we know a lot of people in common. She's younger than me as well: is this crazy all the time texting thing normal in the under 25s?

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ginnny · 18/09/2009 11:07

Does your name begin with A? I am asking because on my old phone the key lock wouldn't work and I used to phone the first number on my list without realising and my poor friend was besieged by calls from my handbag!!
The constant texting is a bit wierd though. Maybe she's lonely or just a bit odd.
A girl from my primary school found me on FB and we went for a drink with a few other friends which was nice. Then she kept texting as if we were best mates. She put messages on my FB saying "so glad I found you again, we'll never lose touch this time" etc, I found it a bit unnerving, especially since we weren't exactly close at school anyway. I think she is insecure and a bit lonely, but I have cut her off now because it seems a bit stalkerish.
Keep on ignoring her and if you see her just say how busy you've been. She'll get the message eventually.

Bleh · 18/09/2009 11:09

Nope, nowhere near beginning with an A, and I have the same phone as her, and haven't (as far as I know) managed to accidentally call someone multiple times in the space of a week.

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BitOfFun · 18/09/2009 11:11

Delete from fb and change your number, honestly. I know the number is a hassle, but this sounds sinister to me.

SignoraRubyrubyruby · 18/09/2009 11:15

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

student123 · 18/09/2009 11:17

I'm under 25 and certainly don't constantly text people I barely know, and don't know anyone else that does either! Maybe she is lonely? I would send her a text or call her saying something along the lines of "I'm very busy at work at the moment, so TBH don't think there'll be a chance to meet up any time soon." Then if she continues to text or call you like this regardless, I would adopt BOF's approach and change your number, although can appreciate this would be difficult if you have to see her with mutual friends.

BitOfFun · 18/09/2009 11:19

The more I think about it the more it sounds like a Nicci French novel (ie creepy)...

Bleh · 18/09/2009 11:19

Well, the last text I sent her was along the lines of "I'm really, really busy, sorry". I think I'll put her on restricted status on FB (so she can't see everything) as pretty much as soon as I said something on FB about being back in the UK, she sent a text going "you're back!". CREEPY. I think she is lonely, but she should really calm down. I'll try that, and worse case scenario, go for BOF's approach.

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RumourOfAHurricane · 18/09/2009 11:26

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

BitOfFun · 18/09/2009 11:31

It's hard to be that straightforward, isn't it? We are so socialised not to- but it has got to be done sometimes.

RealityIsNOTDetoxing · 18/09/2009 11:56

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

TeamEdward · 18/09/2009 12:05

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

PuzzleRocks · 18/09/2009 12:08

What's the problem Bleh? Don't YOU like cheese?

Bleh · 18/09/2009 13:33

I love cheese, so maybe she was trying to point out what we have in common? Hm. Or else yes, maybe she is confusing texting with twittering or whatever new fangled things kids are using these days.

OP posts:
junglist1 · 18/09/2009 18:29

sorry but at I like cheese!!! What next?? "Time for a wee" "A minute ago a bus went past my house" "Today is Tuesday"

LynetteScavo · 18/09/2009 18:38

I'm just wondering if she fancies you.

ilove · 18/09/2009 18:45

I don't like cheese. Can I text you a million times a day now please

NoahDear · 18/09/2009 18:46

you betrayed me

PuzzleRocks · 18/09/2009 18:55

Is this her?

Bleh · 20/09/2009 21:23

Nooooooo! She's found me on MN! DAMN YOU WOMAN.

Well, I thought she was straight. She talked about a guy she really likes, that's what a lot of the inane texts were about, things like "I phoned him yesterday and he didn't pick up" "He's going to a party next week. I might go too".
Strangely, he didn't seem that keen ...

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