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friend wants to go out with husbands too but dh and I just not keen on her dh

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deaconblue · 16/08/2009 20:24

I really like my friend and see her and her ds socially regularly but she's keen for us to go out with our dhs too. Trouble is her dh is a bit dull, doesn't treat her very well imo and she's told me about a few dodgy business seals he's done that makes me think he's not a nice bloke really. Don't know whether I should just get on with it as she's so nice or make excuses. so wwyd?

OP posts:
deaconblue · 16/08/2009 20:27

dodgy deals not seals

OP posts:
HumphreyCobbler · 16/08/2009 20:36

you hardly ever like the man and the woman

there is one bloke we know who is so annoying we all fight not to sit by him when we all get together, his wife is lovely

you could give it a go, make sure you get drunk, that will help

MsHighwater · 16/08/2009 22:17

Think you have to give it a go. He might grow on you and, if not, at least you'll know you tried.

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