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Ok farmville and Farmtown...

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UndertheBoredwalk · 09/08/2009 20:42

Have started new thread cos I got a bit lost on the others, this is an official request for neighbours
I have a very sad 3 or 4 neighbours and I need more!

So anyone who plays add me! airym at hotmail dot co dot uk.

Tell me who you are and which game you play (or both) I will add you and request you as a neighbour.

I thanks you and look forward to lots of new neighbours

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UndertheBoredwalk · 09/08/2009 21:21


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FiveGoMadInDorset · 09/08/2009 21:24

I will send you a request, I have Marge Sipmsons sister as profile pick, I play both but mainly FT, my farm name on there is the same as on here.

UndertheBoredwalk · 09/08/2009 21:24


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ladyofshallots · 09/08/2009 21:26

I will request you, I play farmville and have my two dds as my profile pic.

UndertheBoredwalk · 09/08/2009 21:27

Got you and added you as neighbour
Come on, I know there's loads more of you!

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UndertheBoredwalk · 09/08/2009 21:27

Oooh yay los, thanks!

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Narketta · 09/08/2009 21:33

Hi, I've sent you a request, my profile picture is of me and DH on our wedding day.

UndertheBoredwalk · 09/08/2009 21:36

Got you los, don't have your request yet Narketta, will keep an eye out for it, thanks!

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Tee2072 · 09/08/2009 21:38

Request sent. I play both!!

UndertheBoredwalk · 09/08/2009 21:39

Got you tee, I still don't have yours narketta, I don't think it's gone through properly

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Wilts · 09/08/2009 21:41

Do you have to be Facebook friends to add someone as a neighbour?

UndertheBoredwalk · 09/08/2009 21:41

You do wilts yeah. At least I think so.

OP posts:
flatcapandpearls · 09/08/2009 21:43

I have sent you a request

Wilts · 09/08/2009 21:44

Oh ok, thanks

FAQtothefuture · 09/08/2009 21:48

you can add me on either if I'm your FB - intials are GM - pictures of 3 (gorgeous ) boys dressed all in red tops.

simpson · 09/08/2009 21:49

Oooh yes I will admit to being a farmville/town a holic

I need neighbours, will email you!!

Narketta · 09/08/2009 21:55

undertheboredwalk Have you got me yet?? I've sent another request.

2shoes · 09/08/2009 21:56

I have got you........I think.
but I need people on yoville

differentID · 09/08/2009 21:59

I'm on Farmville. My e-mail is different dot IDmn at yahoo dot co dot uk

flatcapandpearls · 09/08/2009 22:04

DD has farmville on my account but I am sure we have you 2 shoes.

GypsyMoth · 09/08/2009 22:05

have requested you....

er,i'm on farm town,yoville and farmville.....god how sad!!!

[email protected]
need more in every anyone can add me! initials mm.pic is of my dd with frank lampard..

Beauregard · 09/08/2009 22:05

2shoes -I need you on Pet society please

2shoes · 09/08/2009 22:24

what is pet society?

UndertheBoredwalk · 09/08/2009 22:27

Yep I think I have you narketta yep 2shoes I def have you already. My neighbours filling up nicely now, thanks all.
Anyone else??

OP posts:
simpson · 09/08/2009 22:27

don't tell me about pet society

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