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Tesco Floppy Dog - circa 2004

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Sands6778 · 04/08/2009 23:27

Hello - we have accidently tipped our daughter's favourite soft toy - a large beige & white floppy dog bought from Tesco in 2004. She is distraught and we are seeking an identical replacement - if anyone could help I would be very very grateful. Thankyou, Sandra

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Carrotfly · 20/08/2009 23:38

is it quite flat ? I mean does it look as if its lay on its tummy ? brown ears ?

on hols atm so cant exactly remember what ours is like.

a1978jen · 10/09/2009 22:44

I am desperately searching for this dog too - he was lost in a move last year - if anyone has one they can give up/sell please let me know - my daughter would be so happy to get one again! This is the exact dog too - beige and white, floppy, lays on his tummy...very squidgy! Thank you!

Sands6778 · 29/11/2009 13:50

Yes it does lie on his tummy....

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