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Anyone remember that couple who "won" each other on a radio contest about 6 years ago - then broke up after 3 months? Guess who she then went on to marry!

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letsgostrawberrypicking · 29/05/2009 20:36

Yes, this probably is plumbing new depths on sleb twaddle but hey, it's a relaxing friday night googling!!

OP posts:
letsgostrawberrypicking · 29/05/2009 20:39

oh, i didnt put the answer!!

Anyway it's the luvverly Jez Kyle no less!

OP posts:
FabulousBakerGirl · 29/05/2009 20:39

Old news.

FabulousBakerGirl · 29/05/2009 20:40

More recent news is that he has a new baby son.

TheBolter · 29/05/2009 20:42

Yes I knew that. I have a brain full of completely useless, meaningless twaddle so it's not really surprising that that little nugget of information is already stored there.

She was quite a, err 'character' wasn't she? (Looks around nervously wondering if she's a mnetter).

letsgostrawberrypicking · 29/05/2009 20:46

sorry didnt realise i was so backwards in this - I have only just found out!!!

Shall go back into my cave now

OP posts:
CurryMaid · 29/05/2009 20:48

I was just going to say Jeremy Kyle but then you went and said it anyway.


And I normally hate these 'guess, guess' threads.

BitOfFun · 29/05/2009 20:54

Is he sure the baby's his?

< brandishes electrodes for unique anal probe lie detector test >

Niecie · 29/05/2009 20:57

Well I didn't know either letsgostrawberry.

An interesting nuggest for a Friday evening.

nickytwotimes · 29/05/2009 21:00

I didn't know that either legstrawberry, so it was news to me.

letsgostrawberrypicking · 29/05/2009 21:05

OH i now have some friends in my cave come on in ladies and I will tell you what I have heard on the grapevine about Brian McFaddon leaving Westlife..... old news? Pah!

OP posts:
squeaver · 29/05/2009 21:06


nickytwotimes · 29/05/2009 21:07

Did you know that Robbie has left Take That?

letsgostrawberrypicking · 29/05/2009 21:11


oh break it to me gently why dont you Nicky?

OP posts:
nickytwotimes · 29/05/2009 21:12
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