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whatever happened to the Corrs?

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RubyBlueberry · 12/05/2009 18:45

Used to love them, a bit lift muzak-ish but where did they go?

OP posts:
southeastastra · 12/05/2009 18:46

doesn't one of them act a bit?

cornsilk · 12/05/2009 18:46

There's a gossip thread on here which has info about the youngest girl.....

TheRealMrsJohnSimm · 12/05/2009 19:02

link please??

I was once "forced" to watch them at the Fleadh Festival in Chicago by my awful ex-BF. Urgh. Necked a shed load of Guinness to get me through 20 mins of Corrs piffle and then ran off down the field to watch Billy Bragg instead

Got my revenge by making him watch Shane McGowan!!

cocolepew · 12/05/2009 19:04

Andrea Corr is an actress now. Don't know about the others.

pointydog · 12/05/2009 19:13

lol @ simm

It's nice now they've gone

RubyBlueberry · 12/05/2009 20:32

Hey MrsSimm, what was it you didn't like?(honest question!)

OP posts:
TheRealMrsJohnSimm · 12/05/2009 20:52

I didn't actually mind their, erm, "music" that much but they were just a bit meh tbh. THey were trying to be all serious musos but actually seemed more adept at pouting and hair flicking (Bit like Kylie complaining about fans only being interested for her @rse rather than her artistic interpretation of papp music )

That French & Saunders sketch where they were droning clones was so bang on

nickytwotimes · 12/05/2009 20:55

God, I know someone who went to a Corrs gig (I use that word in the loosest sense) and it was full of people in work clothes with their briefcases adn laptops at their feet.

SO Rock 'n' roll.

frecklyspeckly · 12/05/2009 21:19

Their shoulders got really cold from years of being shrugged in a sexy 'come hither' way. They put on cardi's. Nobody ever noticed them again.

paisleyleaf · 12/05/2009 21:23

LOL at the cardis freckly

Cor they did churn out some wishy washy music!!
My DDs got Laura's Star DVD....some of the music on that sounds like them - I keep meaning to read the credits to check

RubyBlueberry · 13/05/2009 11:12


OP posts:
PestoDrizzleMonster · 13/05/2009 11:14

Don't know
don't care

Flynnie · 13/05/2009 11:22

Gosh I had forgotten about the Bores Corrs.
Thanks for reminding me now all I have in my head for the rest of the day is a gastly mixture of them murdering 'Dreams' and
'And I will run away...I will run away with you, oh yeeaaa'

SusieDerkins · 13/05/2009 11:24

They were so bad they imploded.

I read it in Heat.

RubyBlueberry · 14/05/2009 14:38

Oh nooooooo. I have inadvertently (sp??) set up an I Hate Corrs site

OP posts:
mosschops30 · 14/05/2009 14:39

To hell!

RubyBlueberry · 15/05/2009 15:59


OP posts:
TheRealMrsJohnSimm · 16/05/2009 18:47

Apparently Sharon Corr (surely part of the original Corrs line up) is playing at the Isle of Wight a right rush on for tickets then......I shall be at the front of the queue

FiveGoMadInDorset · 16/05/2009 19:00

Apart from Andrea though they had all got married and gone of to live in domestic bliss.

macherie · 17/05/2009 20:55

I see two of them regularly at the park - Caroline and Sharon I think, they both have 3 dc, seem very nice. Everyone tries to look cool and ignore them!

Andrea (she is tiny btw) lives nearby, used to see her out power walking a lot, but haven't spotted her for ages. A friend is her neighbour, apparently she is very friendly with a certain v famous irish singer, also diminutive, likes sunglasses

Jim caused quite a stir a while back after a radio interview when he insisted that 9/11 was a CIA conspiracy.

That's all the Corrs news for now

monkeytrousers · 20/05/2009 19:28

The drummer has had 3 kids I think.

Andrea is on stage as an actor in the west end. She's unrecognisable without makeup though.

Gunnerbean · 23/05/2009 15:36

Hopefully they did everyone a favour and fucked off into obscurity to join that hideous manufactured pureile Irish girl band (the name of which escapes me now)

Hassled · 23/05/2009 16:01

Bew*tched . Dodgy denim and dodgy Irish dancing. And rainbows and leprechauns. God, they were great.

MsMaggieBeauregarde · 23/05/2009 16:03

They're all still poncing around I can assure you, getting married, having babies and getting paid handsomely to parade the babies in The Gloss or S&P ...

wahwah · 23/05/2009 18:02

Didn't the boy one marry a girl who looked exactly like his sisters. I found that more disturbing than the shit music and pouting.

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