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A wedding thread

7 replies

Twims · 10/05/2009 17:22

You and dp are invited to a wedding you have 2 children, you're all invited. Do you:

a) go on your own and leave dc with relatives/friend/childcare and enjoy couple time

b) go with the children, but go home early

c) club together with other parents and the bride/groom to pay for childcare/activities at the wedding

OP posts:
sharkyandgeorge · 10/05/2009 17:24

How far away is the wedding...could you go with the DC's but then get relatives/friends to pick them up so you and DP can have the evening together.

FabulousBakerGirl · 10/05/2009 17:26

All go and stay as long as is suitable for the children.

PortAndLemon · 10/05/2009 17:26

It would vary a lot depending on whose wedding it was and where.

We've done (a) and (b) before (although "early" wasn't particularly early) and also (d) rely on the fact that DS will keep running on adrenaline all night and DD will sleep quietly in a corner to go with the children and stay late. Have also been to a wedding where the bride and groom provided childcare and activities at the wedding (which was fab) but they didn't expect anyone else to chip in.

MmeLindt · 10/05/2009 17:28

Go with the DC and have parents/IL to take them for the evening, if possible.

Otherwise, I would check to see how many other families with DC are going to be there and if there is going to be any activities for them.

TheFallenMadonna · 10/05/2009 17:31

We are all invited to a family wedding in July and will all go and stay as long as the children are up for it. Which, judging by their stamina at my mum's birthday party will be nudging midnight. If it were a friend's wedding I might well be tempted to leave them with grandparents and dance the night away with DH. I'm not sure I'd want to pay for childcare at a wedding I was invited to. Probably just tight.

pointydog · 10/05/2009 17:37

would depend a lot on the age of the children. More info needed

NormaSknockers · 10/05/2009 19:54

We have a wedding in August, our DC will be 3 & 1 & we'll stay for as long as the kiddies are happy.

We'll pack their PJ's so that before heading for home we can get them right ready for bed. DS will no doubt sleep in the pram in a quiet(er) corner & DD will keep bopping the night away no doubt as she's a little groover

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