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Green Day singer - how hot is this man!!

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IrritableGrizzly · 22/04/2009 14:43

OMG, how have I never noticed this before - watching a live Green day performance I have just fallen deeply in lust with this singer, Billy Joe or summat - he is scorching. Those eyes, those arms..

OP posts:
Iklboo · 22/04/2009 14:46

Oh I am a HUGE Billy Joe fan (drool). Can't belive Green Day have been going 20 years. Where was I all this time.
Tis pity he's married

GypsyMoth · 22/04/2009 14:48

Mm I love him too..... Billy joe Armstrong. Adore greenday! I have an old tour t shirt I wear for washing the car LOL. Never for anything else, just car washing for some reason,DC find it hilarious and they all love greenday too!

Iklboo · 22/04/2009 14:52

I hear they're in talks to turn American Idiot into a stage musical

IrritableGrizzly · 22/04/2009 14:59

No, for me the fact he's married just makes him hotter! He is so going on my freebies list (even if he wouldn't take me up on it!)

OP posts:
sfxmum · 22/04/2009 15:05

no Caleb from KOL is hotter

IrritableGrizzly · 22/04/2009 15:11

Eww, do you mean the hairy men? They are not even in the same league as my new love, he is a god of sexiness and they look like crappy haired oddballs!

OP posts:
sfxmum · 22/04/2009 15:16

it is possible to shave

PuppyMonkey · 22/04/2009 15:19

I need a pic of the Green Day man please as I can't place him. Ta very much.

Sunshinemummy · 22/04/2009 15:19

Yep love Billy Joe too. The eye liner rocks on him.

IrritableGrizzly · 22/04/2009 15:19

Hmm, can't really tell from that photo but I bet even with less hair he doesn't rock tattoos and eyeliner quite as well as BJ. Nice arms though!

OP posts:
bellavita · 22/04/2009 15:21

do you mean?

HelloBeastie · 22/04/2009 15:37

Don't go distracting us with other possibilities, sfxmum!

The question; is Billy Joe Armstrong hot?
The answer; yes, he is, though he really needs to think about wearing less eyeliner at his age, there's a danger of starting to look like Alice Cooper...

bellavita · 22/04/2009 15:43

My DS's love Green Day.

slug · 22/04/2009 16:18

Meh, looks like a wannabe Robert Smith.

bohemianbint · 22/04/2009 16:22

he's not bad, bit short though!

MayorNaze · 22/04/2009 16:23

he is nice...i also quite like the lead singer of the offspring though...

TheOtherMaryPoppinsDiets · 22/04/2009 16:26


It's all because of the eyeliner. I lust after men in kohl.

HarleyQuinn · 23/04/2009 10:40

TOMPD You must like Ville Valo too then

MadameCastafiore · 23/04/2009 10:41

Are all of those Kings of Leon Guys related?

Sorry to hijack - was reading inside album sleeve and they all have the same surname but don;t look alike at all?

MadameCastafiore · 23/04/2009 10:42

Gawd - always thought the lead singer was sexy but looking at this he isn't!!

Least you would have something to grip onto during sex though!!

Oh and they do look a little alike I suppose.

Glitterknickaz · 23/04/2009 11:00

I'm not liking his latest hairdo. He's sexier with darker hair.

TheOtherMaryPoppinsDiets · 23/04/2009 11:01

not so much on the Ville HarleyQuinn as I know he's gay so no point lusting lol

Yes KOL are brothers or cousins or something aren't they?

TheDevilWearsPrimark · 23/04/2009 11:03

He was better when he was younger, he once kissed me on the cheek (swoon)

he is a tad erm, squat though, he needs to be put through a press and stretched out a bit to be truly hot.

HarleyQuinn · 23/04/2009 11:04

Didnt know he was gay! lol

Tortington · 23/04/2009 11:08

afaik - bj - is bi.

KOL are brothers apart from mat the drummer who is cousin.

BJ isn't 'hot'

Dave Grohl is hot

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