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Aaah. No Clement Freud thread?

5 replies

IwoulddoDrWho · 16/04/2009 11:30

Goodbye and thanks for all the fish.

OP posts:
OrmIrian · 16/04/2009 11:33
EachPeachPearMum · 16/04/2009 11:34

its under 'chat'
Id have thought 'inthe news' but nm

TrinityIsGettingABabyRhino · 16/04/2009 11:35

more people are likely to see it in chat

I saw it this morning
no idea who he is though

IwoulddoDrWho · 16/04/2009 11:48

I looked in the news. Must have missed. Thanks PP.

OP posts:
BitOfFun · 16/04/2009 11:52

Aww, did he die? I liked him.

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