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Has Madonna's dress sense really improved?

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womblingfree · 30/03/2009 09:27

Apparently this is the 'improved' Madonna in comparison to her Eighties outfits

Is it just me that thinks she looks like Orville in bondage gear?

OP posts:
womblingfree · 30/03/2009 09:27

Try again:

OP posts:
midnightexpress · 30/03/2009 09:28

Mutton dressed as spam.

nellynaemates · 30/03/2009 18:48

Is it just me or does anyone else get the horribly uncomfortable feeling that most stars are pre and post starvation too? Particularly those pictures of Nicole Richie, Posh and Lindsay Lohan. It really does concern me that those kind of figures (when so obviously a result of deliberate dieting/training) are seen as acceptable.

Poor women look really unhealthy.

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