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Katie Holmes (again!)

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oxocube · 21/03/2009 15:04

So does anyone believe she has had a 'Scientology Makeover' as described by the press. Can't do the link but will try to cut and paste - hang on!

OP posts:
oxocube · 21/03/2009 15:06

here! Was on front page of Yahoo so could well be utter tripe

Katie Holmes has been forced to undergo a 'Scientology Sparkle' make-over. Skip related content
Related photos / videos Enlarge photo The actress's recent gaunt and unkempt appearance has caused concern among leaders of the bizarre sci-fi cult she and her husband Tom Cruise follow, leading church officials to order drastic action.

A source said: "Katie has put up with constant commentary about how awful she looks but as cruel as some people's words have been, she has took notice.

"The makeover was Tom and Church of Scientology leader David Miscavige's idea. They will all benefit from the positive press it has attracted.

"After Katie followed the Purification Rundown - an extreme detox where she had high doses of vitamins and spent five hours a day in a sauna - doctors and homeopaths were called in to maintain her looks and ensure her skin would not break out, a process dubbed the 'Scientology Sparkle'. "

As part of her make-over, Katie enjoyed two days of pampering at the Tokyo Ritz Carlton spa, including hot volcanic stone massages, a rejuvenating facial and manicures and pedicures.

OP posts:
frumpygrumpy · 21/03/2009 15:07

I feel she is a Stepford Wife and why does she not smile anymore? Its like she's had a frontal lobotomy.

frumpygrumpy · 21/03/2009 15:09

PMSL! Wouldn't we all just love the Ritz Carlton spa massages and manicures

She and Tom have both done something.....he is thinner than he's been since Top Gun days.......

And still they are just slightly odd in an unsettling way....can't put my finger on it.

oxocube · 21/03/2009 15:18

Not that I am an expert on Slebs, but I really thought her hair was much nicer before. She has a little face and the sleek bob suited her. Have also just read that she has had the extensions removed already but ........ who knows. I am jealous at the thought of all the pampering though.

OP posts:
frumpygrumpy · 21/03/2009 15:23

Don't be jealous. You have your own mind. You have a smile you prepared yourself. You haven't had a frontal lobotomy.

You are not stuck in a marriage where you look at Tom and think "I so wanted this but now I have it I realised you are seriously disturbed and I want out but I love being Mrs Tom Cruise so how do I go" which is what I read every time I look at her.

Not that I have a lot of time on my hands or anything

oxocube · 21/03/2009 15:35

Erm ............. okay frumpy

OP posts:
TwoIfBySea · 22/03/2009 20:47

Do you have one of those Free Katie t-shirts frumpy?

frumpygrumpy · 22/03/2009 22:57

TwoIf....I haven't seen you for years!!!

TwoIfBySea · 24/03/2009 00:09

I would say that I've been around but that makes me sound like a tart. I have been skulking about though, not as much as I used to frumpy.

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