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HELP*tcm tchibo suggle bear* found on ebay germany cant bid in uk

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delijack · 16/03/2009 14:07

HELP* my son has lost his tcm tchibo snuggle bear last week and he is very very upset i have managed to find an identical one on ebay germany but i can't bid fron the uk can anybody help me PLEASE

OP posts:
frogs · 16/03/2009 14:13

Tchibo are a German company, so it figures you'd be more likely to find one on Gm ebay. Can you email the seller to explain your situation, and ask if she'd be willing to change the terms of the listing to allow UK buyers to bid?

I've just done similar for one of my listings for a buyer in Australia -- it's not technically difficult.

delijack · 16/03/2009 14:19

i have done thank you only problem is i don't speak german! could be interesting

OP posts:
Rhubarb · 16/03/2009 14:19

I'd advise the same. Email the seller.

Alternatively, there are some Mumsnetters in Germany - you may need to do a shout out for them.

Rhubarb · 16/03/2009 14:20

Google Bablefish - type in what you want to say and it will translate it into German. It's not brilliant, but they will get the gist.

frogs · 16/03/2009 14:20

Most Germans will speak basic English (or non-basic, often).

Otherwise check out the Germany thread on Living Overseas and ask one of the lovely ladies to bid for you and post it to you.

frogs · 16/03/2009 14:22

Or ask a Gm MNer to compose an email for you.

The downside of emailing in Gm is that they are likely to reply in the same. Try English first, I think.

Ojorose · 03/06/2009 13:56

Hi, I have one of these comforters that I am selling on ebay at the moment if you have not managed to find one.
Best wishes

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