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Can't belive I'm asking this but has Mel C had her baby yet?

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bangandthedirtisgone · 04/02/2009 20:46

Does anyone know?

OP posts:
saggyhairyarse · 05/02/2009 21:19
Frasersmum123 · 11/02/2009 13:19

She seems to have been PG for ever!

gagamama · 22/02/2009 22:37

Heard through a family member that she had it today. No word on the name or sex though. Congrats to her!

undercovercarrot · 23/02/2009 14:57

Apprently Mel C had a little girl and have named her Scarlett Star.

Maslotte · 23/02/2009 21:00

Heard same undercovercarrot, tho Starr is her blokes surname rather than a middle name as I thought at first. Bet Posh will be jealous very pleased for her.

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