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I know I'm stretching the definition of celebrity but...Leo Sayer becomes an Australian citizen

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Tinker · 26/01/2009 19:20


Love this quote:

"In the old country, England, it would have been, 'Sorry, you're from the 70s and that's it.'"

No, it would have been, 'Sorry, you're Leo Sayer and that's it.'"

OP posts:
waspriceyp · 27/01/2009 18:38

Or "Who are you?" Poor Australia!

TsarChasm · 27/01/2009 18:42

Or 'We've heard you like to dress up as a clown, would you like a job at McDonalds?'

waspriceyp · 27/01/2009 19:11

Or "Aren't you the guy that sang American Pie?"

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