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Why can't Nicole Kidman dress her baby according to the weather?

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waspriceyp · 12/01/2009 20:18

The poor kid always seems to be underdressed? Sorry to link the DM again! Little baby

OP posts:
littleducks · 12/01/2009 20:20

what temp is it in nashville?

Janni · 12/01/2009 20:20

Have you researched current weather conditions in Nashville?

theyoungvisiter · 12/01/2009 20:20

may be missing something here but how do you know what the temperature is like in the photo? It's not like there's snow on the ground!

Hulababy · 12/01/2009 20:22

Why does baby look underdressed in those photos? Can't see anything that says anything about what the weather was like.

My DD would always seem to be "under dressed" in some people's opinion. However, from being very tiny she hated being bundled up and was always, and still is, a very hot child.

It is actually worse for a child to be over dressed than underdressed IIRR.

madrose · 12/01/2009 20:22

looks ok to me

edam · 12/01/2009 20:22

I'm more worried about the subs letting 'bare' slip through when it should have been 'bear' tbh.

thisisyesterday · 12/01/2009 20:23

well, it's about 6 degrees there atm. so not that warm.
but still. she is wearing a coat and a hat

waspriceyp · 12/01/2009 20:23

Yes get your point but isn't the idea dress your baby one more layer than you! she has on a winter coat, shirt and jumper! I live overseas and it's currently 15deg during the day. My baby is wearing vest, tights, trousers, and a jumper. Is that over the top?

OP posts:
thisisyesterday · 12/01/2009 20:23

and she might only have been going from a house to a car or something.

waspriceyp · 12/01/2009 20:25

SO! I still do max layers strip off at car!

OP posts:
theyoungvisiter · 12/01/2009 20:25

"It is actually worse for a child to be over dressed than underdressed IIRR."

Yes indeed, my friend (a GP) always says that she's seen many children made ill or even hospitalised through over dressing (mostly febrile convulsions) but not a single case of hypothermia or similar.

I always wince when I see babies in shopping centres bundled up in their pram, scarlet faced under a pile of blankets and hats, meanwhile the parent has shed their own coat and scarf and is strolling in a t-shirt...

MinkyBorage · 12/01/2009 20:26

the temperatur looks ok, but the clothes are shit, kidman's too

Hulababy · 12/01/2009 20:26

waspricyp - all babies and children are different. For my DD what you describe would have made her too hot.

FAQtothefuture · 12/01/2009 20:26

you do max layers even if just going ot the car - blimey - haven't got time for all that faffing about.

I took DS3 (with his raincover on admittedly) to pick DS1 and 2 up from school today with no shoes on

Maveta · 12/01/2009 20:27

you could also see that pic as her having picked the baby out of it´s buggy and just about to wrap the blanket around her?

lottiejenkins · 12/01/2009 20:28

Whats all the fuss for? I think she looks fine to me!!

Diva0507 · 12/01/2009 20:28

makes me think, something to do scientology
i always thought suri always underdressed,too. poor girl is running around in dress and no tights on, but parents in coats and jackets.

Hulababy · 12/01/2009 20:28

Going between car and house, etc. DD would never have extra layers on. Our cars are pretty good at heating up quckly anyway. At the very most I might have had a little thin blanket to throw over her, but guaranteed she'd move it within minutes.

Hulababy · 12/01/2009 20:29

Diva - I am definitely not into scientology. Why would that be linked at all? I just have a hot baby!

Mutt · 12/01/2009 20:30

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

waspriceyp · 12/01/2009 20:31

Maybe mine are cold blooded then at risk of harking back to the vest thread. Nothing less for me I'm afraid. I always feel that Tom Cruises little girl is always underdressed too. I am my mother!
2 Layers minimum in this house! It has to go up to 23 deg outside before we forego the vest LOL.

I dunno just not really buying the kidman/mummy thing probably!

OP posts:
harpsichordcarrier · 12/01/2009 20:31


theyoungvisiter · 12/01/2009 20:32

anyway let's stop criticising Ms Kidman and instead do a at the Daily Mail's spelling (or rather lack of it):

"The actress is laying low after recently admitting she couldn't bare facing criticism over her role Baz Luhrmann's Australia"

Could also argue it should be lying in the UK, but I'm prepared to let that one go...

FAQtothefuture · 12/01/2009 20:32

Diva - I have frequently been foudn recently sat in my house with a vest top, jumper and coat on.......DS3 running around beside me dressed in a long sleeved top and nappy as happy as larry

I'm certainly no Scientologist

waspriceyp · 12/01/2009 20:32

x cross posts and completely agree with hulababy

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